7 Places to Live the Luxe (but Affordable) Vacay Life With Your #squad

Photo: TripAdvisor Rentals
Keeping your friendships healthy isn't just about having a Netflix-bingeing buddy (though that is a great perk, TBH). The healthy relationships can also be an important aspect of longevity, thus lowering your risk of death, and also bringing down the patriarchy. If your women's circle is hitting the road—whether it's to celebrate your self-marriage ceremony, a bachelorette party, or just because it's time—these are seven of the most luxe, yet affordable, places around the world available to rent via TripAdvisor Rentals.

Prices cap at $189 a night per person (based on the max number of people each place satisfies), but more astoundingly, they start at $2 a day (yes, really). Your options run the gamut from secluded Greek villas to urban Parisian apartments and ski-ready chalets. And, no matter where you go, you and your buds will no doubt have ample space to stretch out.

See the large luxe homes below.

Photo: TripAdvisor Rentals

1. Crete, Greece, $373 per night

This secluded villa in Greece sleeps eight people (which, FYI, breaks down to about $47 a night per person), has an incredible pool, and bathrooms perfect for your at-home spa day.

Photo: TripAdvisor Rentals

2. Siem Reap, Cambodia, $75 per night

So your flight to Cambodia might be a little bit longer and a little bit more expensive than would be the case if you were heading to Mexico, but this tropical getaway sleeps 40(!!!) people. If you manage to find that many friends to use its 14 bedrooms, your total will come down to $2 a day. And even if your crew is only 10 strong, that's still just $8 a day (AKA two matcha lattes).

Photo: TripAdvisor Rentals

3. Paris, France, $1030 per night

At $129 per person per night, this is a moderate price to pay to feel like Marie Antoinette (the Sofia Coppola version, mind you).

Photo: TripAdvisor Rentals

4. Swiss Alps, Switzerland, $720 per night

If you're itching for a scenic wintry getaway, the Alps are a great place for hitting the ski slopes. This Swiss condo offers floor-to-ceiling windows and an in-home sauna.

Photo: TripAdvisor Rentals

5. Santorini, Greece, $995 per night

The city known for its breathtaking all-white-white-everything facades offers this dreamy rental. It includes three separate villas to offer bits of privacy that'll make shared time lounging by the pool (which overlooks the crisp blue water) with your besties that much sweeter.

Photo: TripAdvisor Rentals

6. Phuket, Thailand, $2,645 per night

This Phuket home ain't cheap, but chalk that up to living the luxe life on Thailand's "Millionaire's Mile." The six-bedroom, nine-bathroom home has breathtaking views of the scenery—which you can enjoy from the entire home, but especially from the bathtub, pictured above.

Photo: TripAdvisor Rentals

7. Breckenridge, Colorado, $1,225 per night

If your travel group is looking for a wintry jaunt that doesn't require renewing passports, this Colorado home is a solid choice for your domestic ski trip.

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