6 Dairy-Free Protein Bars You Need to Try ASAP

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At a time when even almond milk is a nearly free-flowing option for many of your favorite drinks, following a dairy-free diet has never been easier. Still, certain milk-based protein sources manage to sneak their way into many healthy products, like protein bars.

Whey protein—which has long been popular among the bodybuilding set—is dairy byproduct added to many protein bars, effectively making your favorite snack off-limits if you're living a non-dairy lifestyle. (Most bar brands, including Clif, Gatorade, and FitJoy, are kind enough to label "whey" on the packaging, but it's safest to read the full ingredients list to get the lowdown.)

But luckily for dairy-free folks, there are plenty of bars made with various vegan-friendly protein sources. (Think pea or hemp protein powders and milks.) Plus, those options aren't hard to find—most are available at your local grocery store.

Craving a whey-free, protein-filled snack? Grab one of the 6 options below.

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