How To Turn Cottage Cheese Into a Heart-Healthy, High-Protein Ranch (or Sour Cream) Dip in Seconds

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This is a PSA for all ranch lovers: You can turn a tub of cottage cheese into your all-time favorite dip in seconds.

Of course, like most things in life, there’s a hack on TikTok for just about everything, including how to remedy your no-ranch-left-in-the-fridge woes. We recently discovered if you whip or blend cottage cheese, it can be transformed into luscious dips, “sour cream,” or even luscious desserts packed with protein, calcium, and gut health benefits. We spoke with a registered dietitian who shared some of the impressive benefits of this household staple and why you should be spreading it on much more than just rice cakes (because... how sad of a snack is that).

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Health benefits of cottage cheese, according to an RD

First things first: Cottage cheese is packed with nutrients and gut health benefits. According to Leah Johnston, RDN, a culinary nutritionist and certified registered dietitian at SRW, cottage cheese is a nutrient-dense and highly-versatile staple ingredient that rivals the benefits of plain ol’ yogurt. “The protein in cottage cheese is considered ‘complete,’ as it contains all nine essential amino acids. Not to mention the fact that it's also is a great source of vitamin B12, phosphorus, calcium, and selenium, to name a few,” Johnston says.

While cottage cheese makes for a great snack any time of day, Johnston recommends eating it post-workout for optimal recovery. “Thanks to its high-quality protein, cottage cheese is also an ideal workout recovery snack. Consuming adequate protein after a workout is key to muscle recovery and repair,” she says. It also has several key vitamins and minerals that help fuel the body. “The iodine in cottage cheese supports the body’s metabolism by promoting the release of thyroid hormones. Meanwhile, the B vitamins in cottage cheese are essential for the conversion of food to energy,” Johnston says.

But that’s not all—cottage cheese is also packed with one of the most important nutrients for bone health, calcium. “Calcium and phosphorus work to maintain bone health which reduces the risk of injuries,” Johnston says. And if you want to give your gut a much-needed boost, look no further. “Brands like Good Culture also contain probiotics to help bring good bacteria into the gut, which can positively impact the health of your microbiome,” Johnston says.

This product also contains a whopping 14 grams of protein (27 percent of your daily intake) per half-cup serving. And considering that most Americans aren’t eating enough protein for breakfast (roughly 25-40 grams), whipped cottage cheese might be the perfect garnish to dollop over a few hard-boiled eggs or lather over avocado toast.

Why whipped cottage cheese might out-ranch your favorite condiments

Okay, yes. For some, the chunkiness of cottage cheese can be an instant ick factor. We get it. But when blended to perfection, as demonstrated in this recent TikTok video by @angusbeeferoni, it can easily be transformed into a creamy, dreamy dip that rivals your favorite bottled ranch sauce.

To make it, all you have to do is blend store-bought cottage cheese with the seasoning of your choice (they use salt, garlic powder, MSG, nutritional yeast, and fresh dill). The result is a luscious sauce perfect for dipping veggies, crackers, or (ahem) pizza that tastes, dare I say, even better than ranch.

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If cool ranch isn’t your vibe and you’re looking for something that packs a little more heat, try blending cottage cheese with a few spoonfuls of your favorite hot sauce for a spicy mayo spin. Or, if you want to keep it simple, add a splash of lemon juice to make a sour cream dupe in seconds.

And if you weren’t sold already (surprise!), you can also transform whipped cottage cheese into the protein-rich desserts of your dreams. Meet cottage cheese chocolate mousse and blueberry lemon whipped cottage cheese, your sweet tooth’s new BFFs. They’re luscious and packed with protein and gut-healthy probiotics... what more could you ask for?

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An RD shares the benefits of oat milk:

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