Here’s Why Your Shower Should Be Stocked With Magnesium-Rich Products

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Ahhh, the soothing power of a magnesium bath. Headaches: gone. Sore limbs: gone. Bloat: bye-bye. Only one problem: You effing hate baths.

The superstar supplement is known for all sorts of wellness perks, from banishing stress and anxiety to helping you kick gut issues and headaches to the curb. That's exactly why an increasing number of beauty lines are going above and beyond Epsom salts and infusing their shower-friendly personal care items with the magical ingredient so that you can simply lather, rinse, and get on with your day.

"Magnesium is an important element in our bodies and is used for many different processes such as producing energy," says Susanna Saiu, International Trainer and Technical Education Manager of Ren Skincare (which has an entire kelp plus magnesium line of products). "When you shower with magnesium, the skin is reenergized—giving it a healthy, luminous appearance."

"When you shower with magnesium, the skin is reenergized."

The neuroscientist-approved supplement has the double bonus of being mood-lifting and skin-boosting when incorporated into your beauty routine. "Magnesium has the benefit of preventing dry, flaky skin, which can be caused by an increase in the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline," Saiu explains. While a spike in cortisol can dry out skin, it can also have the opposite effect, sending oil glands into overdrive, which is "why you breakout during stressful situations," explains NYC dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D.

Luckily, magnesium has perks to deal with that too, due to its regenerative properties. "Magnesium can help support healthy skin cell functioning, including cell turnover," says Dr. Zeichner. In other words: It'll help renew your complexion and smooth things out (a wonderful bonus for the middle of winter).

Applying magnesium topically can also improve your skin's glow. "Magnesium's a mineral that's important in many of your body's activities," he explains. "Because of that, it can help promote skin hydration, elasticity, radiance, and support healthy collagen production."

To use it in your own bathroom sanctuary, try incorporating it in the a.m., according to Saiu. "It'll wake up your body and mind," she says. "This gives you the energy you need to fight any stressors you may face throughout the day."

Simply add to your shower caddy and voila: rinse upgraded.

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