You’ll Want to Add Fleece-Lined Tights to Your Winter Running Wardrobe

Photo: Getty Images/vgajic
I have mad respect for anyone who exercises outdoors in the winter. While I'm sweating it up to an online workout in the comfort of my climate-controlled apartment, others are training for marathons in the freezing cold. So, what's the secret to being able to tough it out in the great outdoors? Besides a whole lot of will power and determination, it's all in the gear.

Going on a run when it's literally freezing outside can be incredibly tough on the body. Hypothermia—which occurs when your body loses heat faster than it's producing it, causing you to hit a dangerous internal temperature, according to the Mayo Clinic—is a real risk. Especially if you're running at a slower pace and therefore not generating as much body heat, or if you become exhausted from a longer run. On top of that, your skin can also take a toll if it's not properly protected: Even a quick jog can result in painful dry, cracked hands or a serious case of windburn.

To ensure you're all sorts of cozy while you're checking a workout off your to-do list, there are a few items you should consider adding to your fitness wardrobe. Consider this your winter-running starter kit, featuring fleece-lined tights and wind-blocking jackets. Who knows, you might find yourself so toasty you'll forget you're surrounded by ice and snow.

Stay warm with these winter running wardrobe must-haves.

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