7 Hydrating Body Lotions and Oils to Solve Winter-Skin Woes

Photo: Instagram/@livecrude

Keeping your body (or face) moisturized when it's cold outside can feel like a deceptively difficult task. The arrival of frigid temperatures happens pretty quickly in a large part of the country—and when are you ever *truly* prepared for extreme weather? Luckily, keeping your skin from turning into a thick layer of flaky fish scales doesn't have to be a huge ordeal.

Start in the shower with a body wash that also doubles as a post-shower moisturizer (see Crude's wash below), then apply the balm or oils that work for you.

And for some inspiration, my tried-and-true hygge routine goes as follows: Once a day, usually post-shower and fully robe-clad, I get into some Netflix while applying a body oil of choice with an Artis spoon brush (so I don't grease up my remote). And with that, you should soon have skin that rivals your summer glow.

Check out the arsenal of 7 skin-saving body lotions and oils.

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