This Best-Selling Vibrator Promises an Orgasm in 60 Seconds or Less—And It’s Almost $50 Off Right Now

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As the old saying goes: You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a vibrator. Okay, so I amended that last part a bit, but seeing as how 2020 has been a breakthrough year for personal pleasure, sex toys deserve credit where credit is due. Whether you're flying solo or with a partner, vibrators are a great copilot on the journey to pleasure. So when a vibrator that promises an orgasm in under a minute goes on sale, it deserves some attention. That's why we're taking an opportunity to review the multitasking featurds of the Womanizer Duo.

The combination clitoral stimulator and rabbit vibrator, which comes in either red or black, is nearly $50 off its normal $227 price point with code "FALL" at checkout through online sex-toy shop Ellaparadis. And much like a single device that lets you both air-fry and pressure cook, the Womanizer Duo doesn't ask you to choose between two things you love. It comes with 12 intensity levels for clitoral stimulation, 12 more intensity levels for G-spot stimulation, and 10 vibration modes for, quote, "complete orgasmic pleasure you’ll need to experience to believe."

Photo: Womanizer

Shop now: Womanizer Duo, $180 (with code "FALL", originally $227)

As a reminder, a rabbit vibrator includes both a head for vaginal penetration and shorter, smaller head for clitoral stimulation. With the Womanizer Duo, the shorter head is a clitoral suction toy. And given that sexperts say clitoral stimulation is the quickest route to orgasm, this feature is one to appreciate. As developmental psychologist and human sexuality professor Zhana Vrangalova, PhD, previously told Well+Good: “The easiest type of orgasm to reach for a vulva-owner is the external clitoral one. This is because the external clitoris is the part of the body that contains the greatest density of nerve endings that, when stimulated, can lead to pleasure.” So, even if you were to only use this single function of the Womanizer Duo, all signs point to you having a great, pleasure-filled time.

Since your one-minute-or-less orgasm is basically guaranteed by the clitoral stimulator of the Womanizer Duo alone, you can consider the toy's G-spot vibrator as the cherry on top that allows for variability in your play. The slight curve of this part of the vibrator is designed to hit your G-spot, a region located two-to-three inches deep on the front wall of the vagina that's one of the body's five main pleasure zones.

While you can use the controls to trigger either/or of the capabilities in isolation, you can also use the clitoral stimulator and G-spot vibrator functions at once for a blended orgasm. And that flexibility may be the reason the Womanizer Duo is a best-selling rabbit vibrator on Amazon.

Need more convincing? Check out this vote of confidence from one reviewer: "If you enjoy penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time, this is perfect. No more trying to squeeze two different toys down there at the same time." And perhaps most succinctly of all: "Please love yourself and buy a Duo."

Being able to love yourself, and do it for $50 less than normal? Sounds sex-positive for your wallet and yourself.

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