This New G-Spot Suction Vibrator Feels Like the Most Intense Oral Sex You’ve Had—And It’s 20% Off Today Only

Photo: Womanizer
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If there's one vibrator that has instant, name-brand recognition and a devoted following of satiated vulva-owners, it's Womanizer's clitoral suction toy. Like the famed Rabbit and Magic Wand, Womanizer's patented Pleasure Air technology made waves in the sex tech community a few years back, arguably sparking a sexual wellness revolution (with a whole bunch of cunnilingus-imitating dupes from rival brands, to boot).

Now, that iconic clitoral-suction technology is available in an even more tantalizing G-spot form. The Womanizer OG ($199) is a powerhouse of pleasure and the first of its kind. Even better, it's 20 percent off in honor of National Singles Day with the code SINGLESDAY. 

Womanizer OG sex toy
Womanizer, OG — $199.00

Originally $199, now $160

Use the code SINGLESDAY for 20 percent off your new favorite toy.

The Womanizer OG: An honest review

Turns out, Womanizer customers have been so turned on by its external suction sensation that the brand wanted to invent something they could safely fit inside themselves to explore more erogenous zones. Toronto-based sexologist and relationship expert, Jess O'Reilly, PhD, explains that a big part of creating the OG stemmed from customers trying to fit the Premium 2 and the We-Vibe Melt (which features the same patented technology) into their vaginas.

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To enable more accessibility and reach, the Womanizer OG features a long, ergonomic handle that makes internal stimulation easy. Additionally, the suction head is a bit wider and less intense than the targeted head on the clitoral stimulators, while its curved shape allows for adding or decreasing pressure as needed.

"[The OG] uses those tiny changes in air pressure to create a sensation that is very unique," O'Reilly says. "It's a toy that you can use to explore more full-body pleasure... It's also a product that you can use if you want to explore different erogenous zones and using it different places."

I'll be honest—when I first saw the words "G-spot" and "suction" in my inbox, my vagina clenched. I love cunnilingus and clitoral play, therefore I love my Womanizer Premium 2 ($199) stimulator. But the thought of anything sucking the inside of me made me kinda squirmy and nervous.

Alas, I decided to take it for a test drive, and I'm so glad I did. The pulse-y, throb-y feeling from the Pleasure Air technology feels like cunnilingus from the inside out, like someone is sensually licking the spongey wall of your G-spot while fingering you. It vibrates simultaneously to add that deep, rumbly sensation that make other internal vibrators so successful. There are three vibration speeds and 12 suction patterns to play around with, all controlled via buttons on the handle that make it simple to use.

Aside from its patterns, the toy itself feels great internally, not cold or clinical in any way. It's coated in a silky smooth silicone that glides in effortlessly when you're warmed (or lubed) up, and while it's not technically warming, it quickly adapts to your internal body temperature in ways that glass or stainless steel don't. Tl;Dr—it's great. A dreamy blend of pressure and oral action that's nothing like the vacuum cleaner-feeling I had envisioned.

I will say, the sensation is very different than other vibrators and toys I've used. The pressure definitely takes some getting used to, so if you're new to internal stimulation—or to toys, generally—O'Reilly suggests starting slow on the outside of the vulva. "If you're playing it for the first time, wait until you're highly aroused—it's not usually a spot you go to until the oxytocin and endorphins flood your body," she says. "Start on the outside, take your time, and play around. I find that for many people, it's almost like the body pulls it in and says, 'Yeah, I'm ready now.'"

Other tips?

Don't go straight for the G-spot. Use the OG's long handle to figure out what feels good, by moving it around in circles or rocking it up and down against your G-spot. "Keep it perfectly still and let your hips do the moving, that feels a lot more primal," O'Reilly suggests. "I would start low and increase the intensity as you go."

And don't be afraid to use it in other places, too. The Womanizer OG isn't just for G-spots— or even just for vulva-owners, for that matter—but can be used on other erogenous zones, like the perineum, nipples, and the small of your back. O'Reilly says that the goal isn't necessarily to orgasm, but rather to indulge and be adventurous. Bonus points if you come, but, "just explore and see what feels good."

Final thoughts

If you like the slurpy, sucking sensations of the original Womanizer, the new OG is worth a whirl. Even if you end up using it on your clit (you can do that too!) give it a try. Just do it today, because it's on sale for 20 percent off for 24 hours only. Add it to your cart by midnight on November 12 with the code SINGLESDAY to give your G-spot some TLC.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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