5 Activewear Items With Pockets That Hold More of Your Things Than Those Mini Bags You Love

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This one time, not-so-long-ago, I boldly decided: “You know what sounds challenging? Running a marathon!” Having never run this distance before, I anticipated many, many obstacles including potential injuries, feeling fatigued, enduring soreness, and waking up at very (!) early hours to mark off miles. What I didn’t realize—or even think—would be an obstacle was where to put my keys (and other necessities). Honestly, this rings true for all forms of outdoor fitness from long walks on the beach to long walks up a mountain (also known as hikes).

Hear me out: I love studio fitness (and gyms!), so even though I was exercising every day before marathon training, I always had a locker to place my belongings. This outdoor workout thing is fairly new to me, and well, it's new for my stuff, too (read: keys, AirPod cases, and credit card and cash.) My storage problem came to a head when—as a last resort and as a pure act of desperation to free my hands—I placed my keys in an armband specifically designed to simply hold my cell phone. Five miles and about 45 minutes later, I found myself locked out of my apartment because the keys had fallen out.

I'd had enough, and so, I embarked on a personal scavenger hunt (not to find my lost keys of course—that could have taken years!). Instead of pouting, I opted for some new clothing items. The best workout gear with pockets come in all forms. Here are some that will keep your belongings safe and with you during your workout.

Photo: Nike

Nike Pocket Sports Bra, $45

Keep all the things you love most close to your heart with the six (count them, six!) pockets. The medium-support, sweat-wicking bra can store credit cards, phones, or lip balm—or whatever you fancy for a long run or sprints around the track.

Photo: Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress, $100

Not only does this dress have an shorts liner (beneath the skirt), but there’s a pocket large enough that can hold a cell phone, too. From dance class to hiking, this functional one-piece can simultaneously keep your hands unoccupied and your necessities close.

Photo: New Balance

New Balance NB Heat Loft Jacket, $120

Sure, a sweater is a bit more on-the-nose than other options but the pockets in the zip-up hoodie not only stay close to the body so your stuff doesn't jingle-jangle and slow you down.

Photo: Old Navy

Old Navy Mid-Rise Elevate Side-Pocket Mesh-Trim Compression Crops, $35

Go-Dry moisture-wicking tech keeps you sweat-free and comfortable, while two side mesh pockets at the thigh keep your hands free for rock climbing, juggling, or whatever else you want to do.

Photo: Amazon

TCK Brands Stash & Dash Performance Zip Pocket Crew Socks, $20

These crew socks are made to stash things like credit cards and IDs, so that you don't have to stuff them into a sports bra and fret about losing them on the way. Because...been there.

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