Exclusive: a New Herbal Pharmacy at Woom Is Now Serving up Prescription Lattes

All photos by Abby Maker for Well+Good

Yoga classes at Woom in New York City are outfitted with a 4D sound system, stimulus-tickling light show, and carefully curated scents. They're not next-level so much as other-dimensional. And now, your post-class elixir shots have powered up, too.

The wellness center's chic cafe has served up sips since Woom's opening last year, but the menu has just gotten a woo-woo-fabulous makeover. Holistic health practitioner, herbalist, and Supernatural founder Rachelle Robinett recently took over the space and is brewing customized lattes and teas blended to give your body and mind a boost in whatever way you need. And your "prescription" will even be kept on file.

Here, Robinett gives Well+Good an exclusive first look—and taste—of the offerings. Keep reading for all the deets.

Woom cafe

What's on the menu

Robinett grew up on a farm in Washington and was exposed to both Eastern and Western medical practices early on—her dad is an anesthesiologist and her mom is a nutritionist. "I left the farm to move to New York to pursue fashion, but what didn't change was my attachment to plants as medicine," she says. "That deep fascination is just part of who I am."

"I left the farm to move to New York to pursue fashion, which I did, but what didn't change was my attachment to plants as medicine."

First, she tried out various diets and herbal experiments on herself. Then, she got more formal training—in complimentary and integrative health—so she could start working with others. Even while she had her fashion-industry day job, Robinett found time to pursue her side hustle, learning from shamans and shadowing Chinese medicine healers. Eventually, her passion took over and began teaching workshops (her Herbalism for Anxiety is a popular reoccurring one )and making her own blends full-time.

Now, as your go-to herbalist, Robinett has made her herbal pharmacy, Supernatural and a blissed out menu to boot. Order one of her adaptogenic—AKA stress-reducing—nut milks (think: creamy coconut milk with ashwaghanda and reishi) or specially blended teas meant to clear brain fog (made with chaga), power you up (made with moringa), or help cure your cold (made with nettle).

But you can also ask for something more personalized...

adaptogenic lattes

Your own prescription blend

You may already tell your favorite barista your problems, but this is next level: Robinett will meet with you one-on-one to help craft a customized blend. "I ask people about their diet and also their overall health goals," Robinett says. That could be being able to sleep better, managing anxiety, depression, or stress. Or maybe you're feeling run-down and need an immunity booster. (Bonus: Her Rx is completely free—without an insurance card.)

"It's also an opportunity for people to ask about things they're curious about, like the ketogenic diet, CBD, or something else they keep hearing about," Robinett says. "My main goal is to give people information that they can use throughout their lives."

Once Robinett has concocted your personalized herbal mixture, she can whip it up in a tea or latte to enjoy ASAP, or you can get the blend to go. She will also keep the prescription on file. "We can tweak it, too, so someone might say, 'I loved the nettle, but the rose made me feel a little too relaxed,'" she says.

woom cafe

A new woo-woo hangout

Besides being a lovely space to read, work, or catch up with a friend, Robinett will use the space to host events on the reg so wellness junkies can connect with other like-minded people. "In January, there will be one big free workshop, and there will also be things like a kava kava night for people to try kava or enjoy it if they're looking for fun dry January events," she says. (All the happenings will soon be on URSupernatural.com.)

Community has always been front-and-center for Woom—that much hasn't changed. It's still a pretty dreamy place to spend an afternoon. But by adding sessions with an herbal pharmacist to its list of "experiences," it's elevating the already-progressive wellness scene even more. Talk about super-natural.

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