In Defense of Working Out in a Regular Bra

Photo: Stocksy/Helen Rushbrook
A couple of years ago, I had a life-changing experience buying a bra. I walked into Iris Lingerie in Brooklyn wearing a brassiere that, while a couple of years old, was doing a great job (I thought). Turns out I was wrong, and after a few minutes of mild groping, things were looking up, and lifting up—way up.

Why was this life-changing? For the first time in years, I didn't have anything pressing against the top of my ribs, as part of a minimizing, ta-ta-taming effort. (Yep, I got them heavy boobs that Rachel Bloom raps about on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.) But now everything was up, up, and away—and cupped firmly in a nude PrimaDonna t-shirt bra that felt as strong and impenetrable as a Helga-like breast plate.

So when it came time to work out, I reconsidered the smash-'em-down, squeeze-it-all-in strategy that had ruled my adult athletic life and thought: nah. After years of wearing alarmingly tight sports bras—or a regular bra-sports bra combo, or two kinda-supportive sports bras at once (uniboob racerbacks, I'm looking at you)—I tried just wearing my new regular bra.

And what I discovered was: It worked better than a sports bra ever had.

I reconsidered the smash-'em-down, squeeze-it-all-in strategy that had ruled my adult athletic life and thought: nah.

Why? With the size-34 band my bra whisperer gave me (instead of the size-36 band with the too-small cup size I was previously wearing), it turns out that Spanx-style compression wasn't necessary. The band created a solid "shelf," and the super-strong fabric in the cups held everything firmly in place without cutting off my circulation. Plus, the smooth, stretchy Lycra was non-irritating, even on flushed, sweaty skin (although if you're looking for fancy sweat-wicking, you're not going to get it in a regular bra).

And, admittedly, there is some upper-chest jiggling with my regular bra. But! Nothing hurts, even during intense cardio, even on my most premenstrual of days.

Plus, when I read about Gabrielle Bernstein's trick for getting unstuck—by jumping on a mini-trampoline (sans bra) to get your lymphatic system, and stagnant energy, moving—I realized that circulation through my breasts could be an important way to keep them healthy. So, a little movement: not so bad? (Though I admit, I haven't yet logged any braless trampoline time.)

The only problem—besides the number of cute muscle tees and tanks that were not made to have regular-bra straps sticking out of them—is that after three years, the Helga-strong fabric has slackened a bit.

And while I will definitely be re-upping on my beloved old reliable, I think I may start to use it the way it was intended (under t-shirts)—because the choices in the sports bra world have gotten a lot better recently.

Serena Williams Berlei bras
Photo: Berlei

To start with, take a look at the Berlei bra that  Serena Williams is wearing these days.

Williams has no time for uniboob-induced agita—she's too busy being the greatest athlete ever—and the collection that she has thrown her support (no pun intended) behind is positively regular-bra-esque in its construction. Plus, it is made for sweating and intense movement, with sporty must-haves like bounce-reduction and a Coolmax terry lining.

Chic British chain Sweaty Betty is also making cute, majorly supportive sports bras in specific sizes, up to an F cup—and Brooks' Moving Comfort bras, always a favorite for athletes whose cups runneth over, caught my eye recently with the Brooks Women's Embody Sports Bra ($68). I've been jumping for juggy joy ever since I got one—and I'm sporting statement tanks whenever I please. Thanks to the bra's cross-straps, I don't have to try to make Carrie Bradshaw-style strap sightings seem intentional. (Emphasis on try.)

Fingers crossed that I've officially put my torture-chamber, compression sports bra days behind me. But if all else fails, I can always rely on my trusty t-shirt bra for sturdy style for miles (and miles).

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