Sweat-Friendly Headbands That Majorly Reduce the Need to Wash Your Hair After a Workout

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Your hair has a natural wash cycle that starts at “squeaky clean” and ends at “no dry shampoo could hide this grease." For those who begin or finish their days at the gym, the time in between those two events can feel painfully abbreviated. So, on days when you can't be bothered with a blow-out, I'm happy to report that the hair accessories of the moment are not only maximal enough to hide the grease, they're actually sweat friendly, too.

Made with fabrics such as jersey and neoprene, these headbands can be added ahead of a workout to keep flyaways at bay, while taming grease. "Headbands lay down the hairline to soak up sweat, and keep styled hair from getting in your face while you workout," says Giovanni Vaccaro, Artistic Director of Glamsquad. He suggests looking for a soft material that's at least two-inches thick to best absorb the sweat. Post-workout, Vaccaro says to remove the headband, spritz dry shampoo onto mildly damp (read: sweaty) hair, which will help it to dry looking less greasy than it otherwise would, and then reposition it on your head.

I know what you're thinking: Zoe, there is no way I'm wearing a sweaty gym headband out into the world. However, allow me to reassure you that the days of pushing hair back with a ratty old sweatband are gone. Now, workout headbands have gotten such a makeover that you'd never be able to tell them apart from their streetwear counterparts. Not convinced? Keep scrolling for some of our favorite head-topping (and turning) picks.

1. Lele Sadoughi Aqua Neoprene Headband, $49

Designer Lele Sadoughi is the reason your Instagram feed has been filled with knotted headbands of late, and she recently expanded her line to include "active" headbands in addition to her beloved velvet, silk, and crystal ones. This one, which is made of neoprene to make it extra sweat-proof, will stay on your head during even the toughest cardio dance class, and can be easily rinsed with water thanks to its scuba-friendly fabric.

Photo: Lele Sadoughi

2. Sweatybands Bling It Queening Headband, $21

This headband is so intricate, people won't believe that it's actually meant for workouts. Thanks to the elastic, it won't budge during burpees, and it's easy to hand wash whenever it starts to feel gross.

Photo: Sweatybands


3. Summer Geo Classic FitHappy Workout Headband, $5

For a more Boho vibe, this geo-print headband looks just as great with a flowing white dress as it does with your favorite leggings and a sports bra. Though it may look like your usual silk situation, reviewers rave about its staying powers—including one woman who ran a half marathon with it.


Photo: Etsy

4. HelloHeadband Twisted Wideband Golden Leopard, $15

What's great about this option (aside from leopard print), is that it's technically two workout headbands in one. You can twist it (pictured) or wear it undone.

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5. BohoKittyHeidiSee Summer Headband, $42

Inspired by the bra strap bands of the '90s, professional runner Heidi See created these bedazzled workout headbands to be just as great for logging 10 miles as for garnering compliments at the office.


Photo: Etsy


7. Athleta Knotted Headband, $18

As always, you can't go wrong with plain black. This style from Athleta is sweat-wicking, breathable, and dries super fast so you won't be walking around with a sweaty headband all day long.

Photo: Athleta

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