Your Zodiac Sign’s Best Workspace Setup for Productivity, According to an Astrologer

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Now that 2022 is in full swing following a flurry of holiday time off and back-to-work adjustments, it may be time to give your workspace some consideration. Given how much time so many of us spend at our desk working, it only makes sense that we create a space that, quite literally, sets us up for success and inspires us to get things done. And knowing the best workspace setup for your zodiac sign can help you do that.

Knowing the best workspace setup for your zodiac sign can help you get into a flow state for work, because a lot of the differences between ideal setups depend on a person's preferences and sources of inspiration. For instance, what helps one person concentrate may be a total distraction to another.

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  • Sofia Adler, Sofia Adler is an astrologer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ahead, Sofia Adler, an astrologer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, shares tips on the best workspace setup for your zodiac sign.

The best workspace setup for your zodiac sign, according to an astrologer

Aries: Opt for a standing desk

Aries' fiery nature doesn't do well with sitting all day. Instead, "a standing or even treadmill desk will fuel your fire and allow you to stay active while getting work done," Adler says. For an extra boost of motivation, she also suggests hanging up some inspirational quotes or images around your workspace to keep that inner fire blazing.

Taurus: Make your desk a relaxing respite

Taurus is big on having an environment that is sumptuous, snug, and offers a moment of stillness. For this reason, Adler recommends making your workspace reflect that ambiance. "Get rid of clutter and add a sand garden, a plant or two, and even a plush pillow behind your back so that your workspace is the ultimate spot for coziness and comfort," Adler says.

Gemini: Surround yourself with books

There's no such thing as having too many books when it comes to Gemini's workspace. "The way to keep yourself going is to create a space that allows you to stay in wonder and awe," Adler says. "Grab your latest literary finds and have them handy so that when you need a mental boost, you have a plethora of new information to devour and re-inspire your mind."

Cancer: Make it feel homey

While many work to create an intentional divide between their work and personal life (especially for those working from home), Cancer may have better luck with the alternative. According to Adler, your workspace should feel like home. "Light a candle, display photos of your loved ones, and personalize your desk so that it feels like yours," she says. "If you're working in an office, perhaps even keep favorite candies or snacks around for your colleagues, further cultivating that sense of family and community you crave."

Leo: Display your accomplishments

Leos are born to self-express and be seen, Adler says, so don't be afraid to take all those accolades you've accumulated over the years and put them on display in your workspace. Not only will they help keep you motivated, but Adler notes that they'll also remind you to hold the vision for more recognition that is on its way.

Virgo: Keep it organized

If there's one thing Virgos love, it's organization, so it's only fitting that their workspace is supremely in order. "Invest in some new eco-friendly supplies, folders, drawers, and more to spruce up your space and leave it feeling even more lean and clean," Adler says.

Libra: Make it beautiful

"Libra, the beauty of your space is paramount," Adler says, which is why she suggests going all out with decor—think pops of colors, complementary textures, or statement art pieces. Basically, anything that elevates the look and feel of the area in which you work will help rev up your drive to be productive.

Scorpio: Simplify it

For Scorpio, on the other hand, Adler says a simple workspace without any distractions is ideal to create space (literally) for you to go deep with your work. "You thrive when able to approach your work with gusto and a passionate intensity," she says. "Find a space where you can be alone, put on those noise-canceling headphones, and dive in."

Sagittarius: Have multiple workspaces

Some people may thrive when they have one dedicated workspace. Sag, however, doesn't want to be tied down. "The best way to find the freedom and sense of adventure you seek is to switch things up," Adler says. "Maybe one day you're at the kitchen table, the next a coffee shop, perhaps even taking your work to the park. Make sure you have the space to roam and play."

Capricorn: Create scenic views

Capricorns are known for their ambition and work ethic, Adler says. So they don't need a ton to keep them inspired and productive, but having a scenic view surely will amp up the enthusiasm. "This sign is here to climb the mountain, literally or proverbially, so working with a scenic view, whether in real life, on your desktop background, or a photo on your desk of your latest conquest in nature will keep your motivation strong," she says.

Aquarius: Throw out all the rules

Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum, and that mindset can extend to their workspace, too. "Allow yourself to embrace your inner wild child and do things differently—no traditional workspace set up or style for you," Adler says.

Pisces: Infuse it with meaning

"As the creative, dreamer, mystic, and poet of the zodiac, the best way to keep yourself going is to remember that you are part of a whole, and we are all one," Adler says. "Whether it's a poem, a crystal, a watercolor painting, or something else that reminds you of your spiritual journey, place it on your desk so you have the constant reminder that your work isn't just for you—it's for all of us."

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