I’m a Chiropractor, and This Is the One Thing I Do Every Day to Stay Loose and Limber

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Chiropractors work to restore and realign your body. So here's a question: What do the experts do to ensure they stay just as loose and limber as the clients they see on the daily? For one, the answer is simple—all the stretches.

Despite a demanding schedule, Roy Nissim, DC, a chiropractor at Active Therapy Center in Santa Monica, California, always makes time to work on himself. The best way to stay loose and limber is "making sure you get your upper body mobile as much as your lower body," he says. To do that, he favors dynamic movements over static stretching.

"Static stretching, the type of stretching where you hold it for a long time, could lead to injury if you haven’t warmed up," Nissim says. "Instead, I perform a lot of dynamic movements to keep myself limber, like the World's Greatest Stretch. It incorporates movement in all positions to make sure you're stretching the entire body."

Since there are a handful of different movements involved in the World's Greatest Stretch, it can take a second to learn how to do the sequence properly. But once you have it down, you can use it to stretch out every muscle group in your body in just a few minutes a day. To try it for yourself, follow along with the video below to learn the World's Greatest Stretch.

How to perform the World's Greatest Stretch

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