Remember Wristlets? Well, They’re Back and Better Than Ever

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Photo: Mango
In the early aughts, it was essentially a fashion rite of passage to have a leather or logo-emblazed Coach wristlet dangling from your arm for special occasions and trendy outfits alike—in case you were wondering, I had two. I reveled in the mini movement then, and now I'm totally here for the 2018 wristlets resurgence, which is taking the form of roomier, geometric shapes in cool colors and luxe textures.

"Party bags have transformed from a practical vessel for the essentials to the focal point of our outfits."

“Thanks to Instagram, party bags have transformed from a practical vessel for the essentials to the focal point of our outfits,” says Naza Yousefi, designer of the emerging cult label, Yuzefi. While it used to be all about the convenience of the compact wristlet in the '00s, Yousefi says the new and bigger grab bags of the moment are meant to be more of a statement piece. “I love the simplicity of carrying my handbag around the wrist or the arm.”

Sure, a vintage Coach wristlet would seem perfectly in step with today’s nostalgic mood, but a new-age occasion bag comes with more polish and personality. “I wanted to include the Heart Wristlet in our fall collection because they're a great twist on the classic wristlet and just as functional,” says Brett Heyman, designer of Edie Parker. Recently, the clutch handbag label's gone beyond its distinctive lineup of playful box clutches to include hands-free options.

Whether styled with leggings and a hoodie or a midi dress and heels, Sydney Suh-Lee, founder and designer of the Korean handbag line, OAD says geometric wristlets come with that statement-piece feel. “We're loving wristlets this season because they can add a little bit of playfulness to pared-down look,” says Suh-Lee. “They're so versatile taking you from sun up to sun down, and of course, they fit more since you're not limited to what you can comfortably attach to your hip.”

From sleek to splashy, shop eight modern wristlets ahead.

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