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The Ultimate Body Pillow for Side Sleepers Is Here

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I'm the type of person who needs to have three pillows (bare minimum!) to get a good night's rest. Two for head support and one to hug or place in between my knees for back support. As someone who deals with shoulder and lower back aches, optimizing my pillow situation is essential. Aside from arming myself with a bed full of regular pillows, I've also been testing out various body pillows to see if they'll give me even more support. I've found one winner of the bunch and that's *drumroll* the Yana pillow. It's 20 percent off right now (exclusively for Well+Good readers!), which makes it just one of many, many reasons to get it.

yana pillow
W+G Yana 360* Body Pillow — $199.00

This body pillow has the ability to entirely wrap around you, giving you support and comfort all night long.

The Yana is a cooling body pillow, that, unlike a lot of others I've tried, wraps around your entire body. It's versatile in that you can loop it, twist it, and flip it so that it meets your comfort and positioning needs. While I can "spoon" a regular body pillow, the Yana pillow spoons back—if I want it to. As a side sleeper, I'll tuck it in between my knees like some physical therapists will suggest, and also use it as makeshift tray table when I'm having my morning coffee and catching up on newsletters in my inbox.

If you're thinking of trying out a body pillow for your posture, you're definitely onto something, as they've been shown to help people who have issues with their back and spinal alignment. "Body pillows can help people side sleep in a comfortable manner that supports optimal spinal alignment," Nate Watson, MD, co-director of the University of Washington Medicine Sleep Center and SleepScore Labs advisor, previously told us.

I also toss and turn at night, and so having a pillow that hugs me from both sides prevents me from moving around (and I only know this because my S.O. has made several comments about how his sleep has improved because he's not constantly being kneed or kicked or swatted).


Made of best-in-class materials, Yana is constructed with organic cotton and bamboo velour which is soft (yet firm), and continuously cooling throughout the night (even if you live somewhere warm and/or run hot under the covers). The shredded latex fill doesn't get lumpy, so the shape you start with is the shape you end up with in the morning, which means you stay fully supported. And if you're one to easily spill coffee (or, like me, have two, very hairy dogs who shed like it's a sport), know that the cover is totally removable and easily washable.

While this doesn't apply to me, Yana also makes for a great pregnancy pillow. Well+Good's Sr. Director of Business Operations, Jen Jefferies, who is currently expecting, tells me the pillow has been a game-changer for her, since she's naturally a back sleeper: "I didn't realize I needed a pregnancy pillow until I tried the Yana," she says. "Being a back sleeper, the shift to sleeping on my side was difficult and uncomfortable. The Yana pillow provided my growing belly, shoulder and neck the support it needed to sleep through the night. It also was very easy to clean, given its removable cover."

And, because you're probably wondering: It's small enough to fit on a Queen bed with two people (so you likely won't fight over space—maybe just over the pillow itself). Here's to sweeter dreams.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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