This 30-Minute Yoga Flow Is Designed To Supercharge Your Creativity

Few things zap creativity like stress, and the past year has been nothing if not incredibly stressful. So if you're feeling a bit *blank* at present, you're likely not alone. As the nation eases into a (hopefully) less anxiety-provoking reality, it might be time to call some of that creativity back into your life. To aid you in this endeavor, BK Yoga Club founders Alicia Ferguson and Paris Alexander offer a 30-minute yoga flow geared toward supercharging your imagination with the latest episode of Good Moves.

"When the mind is stressed and tired and just racing with a thousand active thoughts, it's hard to become present and really tap into your creativity," says Ferguson. "But when that same mind is rested...when that same mind is relaxed and can become silent, it allows creativity to really sprout from within us."

It's true; when you're preoccupied with anxious thoughts, they tend to drown out everything else. Chronic worrying is, after all, the result of our fight-or-flight response going haywire—and if your mind forever thinks you're running from a bear, it's not likely so concerned with your art. Easing your troubled mind, then, is critical for allowing creativity to flow.

A series of calming yoga moves is just what you need to jumpstart ingenuity. "Today's flow is very playful and really aimed at allowing us to tap into our superpower: creativity," says Ferguson. And once you've moved through it enough to quiet your inner chatter down a bit, Ferguson recommends opening yourself up into a "receiving position" to accept whatever may come to you and offers a helpful mantra to this end: "Creativity flows to me and through me."

To begin channelling your muses in this manner, roll out your mat, grab some (optional!) blocks, and press play on the video above.

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