This $15 Yoga Mat Bag Is the Most Exciting Thing I Got on Amazon All Year

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Whenever I go to yoga, I try my hardest not to bring a bag. All I need are the essentials: phone, keys, wallet, water bottle, and of course, my mat. But since most leggings have no pockets, I either begrudgingly carry a tote or perform a balancing act that once ended with my phone on the subway tracks. But one day, I'd had enough. As any good millennial, I turned to Amazon to solve my problems. And then, I stumbled upon this beauty: Wismi Yoga Mat Carrier Bag ($15).

yoga mat carrier
Photo: wismi

The bag is complete a spot for your water bottle and a HUGE front pocket that's big enough to carry my all the stuff I mentioned before plus a small book and (probably) all the products in my skincare routine. It's also got an inside pocket for anything you want to keep hidden. It's a canvas bag with an adjustable strap that comes in 11 super-cute patterns and colors.

Now, please excuse me while I take my multifunctional yoga mat bag and pretend to be an organized minimalist while on my way to class.

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