Cassey Ho’s 3-Ingredient Essential Oil Blend Will Make Your Yoga Mat Squeaky Clean

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If you've gagged more times than you'd like to admit in downward dog because the pose requires your nose to be centimeters away from your yoga mat, you're not alone. The staple piece of equipment can go from smelling all sorts of fresh to absolutely disgusting in no time at all—especially when you use it on the daily. But tell your nose to chill, because there's a quick solution that will keep you flowing strong and stench-free.

Considering Cassey Ho, creator of online sensation Blogilates, spends a solid chunk of her life on a yoga mat, she's a pro when it comes to tips that'll gently wipe away dirt and grime buildup. Her go-to method? A three-ingredient essential oil blend that she says ensures you won't feel like you're working out on a "dirty gym sock every day." In a recent YouTube video, Ho explains that the cocktail is all-natural, super-calming, and only takes a few seconds to make: "You're going to want to hang out on your mat all the time," she says.

"You're going to want to hang out on your mat all the time." —Cassey Ho

When you're ready to mix up your DIY mat cleaner, you just need a two-ounce spray bottle filled 3/4 of the way with water. Then, add five to eight drops of tea tree oil—which she says is great for its anti-fungal properties and ability to help treat athlete's foot—and ultra-calming and antibacterial lavender essential oil. Finally, shake it up and spritz it all over your mat, and wipe it down with a dry towel. The end result smells great, feels fresh, and will ensure you're never the smelly (mat) girl in class ever again.

Check out Cassey Ho's 3-ingredient DIY recipe to clean your yoga mat.

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