Here’s What a Top Nutritionist *Really* Thinks About Apple Cider Vinegar

Anyone who takes a sip of apple cider vinegar—better known as ACV—instantly has a love-hate relationship with it. While it tastes absolutely horrible  (sorry but it had to be said), the wellness world darling is loaded with potentially health-benefiting antioxidants and probiotics. But are all those stellar health claims—like how it's a weight-management, detoxing, cholesterol-lowering marvel—legit?

In the second episode of You Versus Food—Well+Good's new YouTube series that gives a no-B.S. nutritional breakdown of the most popular food and drink trends—top nutritionist Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD, hilariously unpacks our obsession with ACV. Here are some highlights:

  1. Basically every hyped-up benefit of apple cider vinegar is...totally B.S. (But it does have some benefits!)
  2. There is a maximum amount you should be eating a day—2 tablespoons a day.
  3. When shopping for ACV at the grocery store, skip the pasteurized stuff because it kills the probiotic-containing "Mother."
  4. Eat it with food (especially if you're doing ACV shots!)

Bonus: The look on her face when she takes a sip of ACV is priceless.

To end the debate on whether apple cider vinegar is good for you once and for all, watch the episode above. Spoiler: You're definitely not going to want to toss out your bottle just yet.

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