Dry, Flaky Lips Are No Match for This $5 Dual-Sided Exfoliating Brush People Call a ‘Lifesaver’

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Chapped lip season is upon us, and my lips are already bracing themselves. Seems like the second the air gets even the slightest bit crisp, my lips dry up, turning thirsty and flaky as soon as I step outside.

It's barely October, but I'm already arming myself with an arsenal of lip-savers to keep my kissers from cracking. I've got my trusty chapstick (Noyah Organic Vanilla ($5), to be exact), Vaseline (for when things get real bad) and my new go-to for silky lips in a pinch: the Youkool Double-Sided Exfoliating Lip Brush ($5), which you can snag on Amazon.

At first glance, this sleek tool doesn't look like anything special. It's the same size and shape as a toothbrush, but instead of bristles, it's topped off with a texturized silicone head that's designed to slough off dead skin. On one side, the scrubby "bristles" are small and spaced close together. The opposite side features larger bumps that are more spaced out. When paired with a dab of lip scrub or exfoliant, though, these mighty tools work wonders on parched, flaky lips.

Youkool, Double-Sided Silicone Exfoliating Lip Brush (Set of 2) — $5.00

Slough away dead skin in seconds with these magical lil’ lip scrubbers.

It's not just the exfoliation factor that make these simple scrubbers stand out. Want to plump up lips in a pinch? Youkool brushes will do the trick. Peruse the more than 6,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and you'll see happy customers swooning over their ability to smooth lips while also making them look fuller, sans the lip filler.

"Not only does it do a great job of removing the dead skin making my lips super soft, it actually helps my lips plump up more than using a plumping gloss," writes Lisa, a happy Amazon customer. "I've used this every day since I got it—four months ago—and honestly don't know how I survived before."

What other happy Amazon customers have to say:

  • "Oh my goodness, best impulsive buy ever! Rub some lip scrub on your lips, use this little wand to rub over your lips for a bit, wipe off the lip scrub... Results? Very plump, pink lips!"
  •  "What a lifesaver! I came across these on one of those Facebook Amazon must-haves and decided to give them a try because they were so inexpensive and nothing helps when my lips get dry... My lips feel smoother than they’ve ever felt."
  • "This product is amazing. I always have a hard time using lip scrubs, and this made it so much easier. I just dipped the lip brush into my lip scrub and went right into scrubbing my lips... It's so worth the purchase!"

You get the point. These things work—so much so that me and 6,000 other Amazon customers are keeping them on-hand all winter long to keep chapped lips at bay. For just $5, the Youkool Lip Brush is a must-have in the war against dry, dead-skin laden lips.

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