This Summer Is Going to Be a Crazy Cosmic Ride—Here’s Your Complete Astro Guide to Making the Most of It

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This summer, there's a *lot* going on. In addition to the lazy-day good times the season brings, there's a good deal of volatility, according to rockstar astrologer Jennifer Racioppi. Below, she lays it all out—the things you really need to know, plus a sign-by-sign overview of the best (or at least, the sweatiest) time of the year.

More than #roseallday, this year's sunny-day cosmic curriculum asks for tender self-care, compassion for those you love, kindness for the planet, and an unbridled devotion to our core values. After all, summer commences when the sun enters the sign of Cancer—a cardinal water sign ruled by the moon that calls forth the fierce feminine, asking all of us, no matter our gender orientation, to tend to who and what we love. Fierce devotion, Cancer’s superpower, might just be the mantra of summer 2018.

Ready or not, summer 2018 asks you to release what you no longer need and nurture the emergence of your deepest soul-driven attributes, leaving no room for pretense.

Over the next few months, we’ll experience a cacophony of astrological events, including Mars going retrograde, two eclipses (on July 12 and July 27), and a partial solar eclipse on August 11.

What does this mean? Everything is up for reorganization: career, relationships, health routines, politics, and self-care practices. The opportunity? To truly transform your life (should you desire to do so), and embrace a whole new level of authenticity.

Ready or not, summer 2018 asks you to release what you no longer need and nurture the emergence of your deepest soul-driven attributes, leaving no room for pretense.

your summer horoscope
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What you need to know about: Mars going retrograde

Mars, the planet of action and pursuit, will station retrograde immediately after the summer solstice, on June 26. Given that this 2018 retrograde spin happens amidst eclipse season, the universe commands an evaluation of compulsory, unconscious habits. After all, Mars helps us to stay on task. It rules passion and correlates deeply with drive and determination.

This retrograde period will likely challenge what we choose to stay focused on and slay. Meanwhile, with the eclipses in play, we can trust that shadows will reveal themselves as needed, too. Learning how to properly express anger in non-harming ways will emerge as a theme. While the waters may seem turbulent, the tide drives towards an embrace of authentic relationships—starting with the self and extending towards others.

Learning how to properly express anger in non-harming ways will emerge as a theme.


Mars' retrograde brings a likely slowdown of activity, and the need for a profound internal look to examine how you feel about what you’ve devoted your life to. On a deeper level, it asks you to look at why you’re pursuing the goals you’ve identified for yourself. Further, what compels you forward? It asks you to go back over your work and commitments to assure they accurately reflect you and your best intentions.

To get a sense of how this Mars retrograde will play out for you, think back to May 12, 2018. Where were you? What was emerging for you then? The issues that have come up over the last six weeks likely correlate to what Mars retrograde will ask you to heal. Traditional healing modalities like psychotherapy as well as complementary alternative medicine techniques like reiki, meditation, massage, sacred circles, hypnotherapy, mindful-sensual eating practices prove incredibly fruitful now too!

Mars, the planet of action, rules fitness, and its retrograde activity may lower your drive to get your sweat on. If you don’t feel like going the extra mile this summer (pun intended) don’t—especially since Mars retrograde can bring on injuries. Listen to your body and become astutely in tune with what it needs. (Hint: summer 2018 offers a great time to focus on healing adrenal fatigue.) Take long outdoor walks, develop a yin yoga practice, and engage bodywork.

your summer horoscope
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What you need to know about: the summer of (rocky) love

This summer's tornado of astrological activity shakes up the status quo significantly. So often astrology is written for those seeking love, but I want to begin by addressing those already in a relationship, especially long-term relationships.

The cosmic activity during summer of 2018 breaks up complacency and asks for you to dig in and do the work. Basic miscommunications have the potential become blow-ups, so please pay close communication to non-defensive communication techniques. Now’s not the time for cheap shots and half-hearted efforts when it comes to how you relate to who you love.

Watch out for fast and furious romances full of promises that lack follow-through. And watch out for people on the rebound—summer of 2018 will likely be a season chock-full of breakups.

Mars retrograde will likely ask you to look at the ways you need to step up to get your sexual needs met, too. If you and your partner have found yourselves in the midst a sex rut, don’t turn your back on intimacy. Instead, tune in to find your turn on. Engage sensual practices, look to tantra, hire a sex counselor to help you get past your impasse. Stay the course, and if you’ve officially hit a wall in your relationship thoroughly investigate all of your options before giving up. You’ll be so glad you did.

For those looking for love this summer or are in a newly formed relationship, watch out for fast and furious romances full of promises that lack follow-through. (These aspects contribute to false starts and cosmic do-overs.) Watch out for people on the rebound—summer of 2018 will likely be a season chock-full of breakups. Should a long lost love reappear, engage without taking the bait! There may be unfinished business. Most importantly, honor yourself, your needs and desires. Nurture your sensuality. Treat masturbation like a spiritual practice. Date consciously and consistently leading from a compassionate spiritual center seeking intimacy (not validation). Remember, nothing can stop true love. Hold true to your desire for the partner of your dream and enjoy yourself in the process.

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What you need to know about: this summer's eclipses

Eclipses generally happen in pairs every six months. This summer we have three, as opposed to two, adding an extra dash of spice for good measure. Eclipses are new and full moons that command the power of multiple lunations at once. Translation: They act as powerful harbingers of change. Like a broom, they sweep through our lives, removing what no longer belongs and amplifying what’s to come.

Mark the dates of these powerhouse lunations on your calendar—July 12 and July 27—and create space around them. Give yourself time to process what they bring up for you. They correlate with 19-year cycles, so they harken back and wrap up old cycles. Allow yourself room to handle what comes up as needed. Please note both solar eclipses are perigree moon, also known as supermoons, due to their proximity to the earth. Supermoons have the potential to amplify weather patterns and other lunar-driven phenomena.

Given the fact that Mercury goes retrograde in a fire sign (Leo) while Mars also travels retrograde, amidst potent eclipses, be prepared for a wee bit of cosmic chaos.

And another wrinkle to all of this: Mercury goes retrograde July 25 through August 18. Mercury, the planet that goes retrograde most frequently has a reputation for raising hell with technology and communication. While many loathe Mercury in retrograde, I have an appreciation for this cycle; it can actually be a good thing because it offers an opportunity to align with soul level truth.

Given the fact that Mercury goes retrograde in a fire sign (Leo) while Mars also travels retrograde, amidst potent eclipses, be prepared for a wee bit of cosmic chaos. Remember; chaos fuels evolution. Pro tip: under-schedule yourself for late July through mid-August. Take a vacation if possible and genuinely unplug and unwind.

So that's the celestial forecast for the next few months—but what's in store for your specific sign? Read on for additional astro summer guidance.

Your summer horoscope: Aries


With your ruler Mars turning retrograde just a few days after summer solstice, prepare yourself. Summer 2018 will likely challenge your addiction to speed. Remember success isn’t a race, it’s a rhythm. So take time to take care of you with mindfulness. Nourish yourself with yin cultivating activities, like forest bathing, sensual eating, swimming in water. Creativity, career and your home life call your attention this summer.The solar eclipses happen in your fourth and fifth houses respectively activating your desires for home, family and romance. Mercury's retrograde spin in your fifth house of romance prepares you nicely.

Your summer horoscope: Taurus


Mars' retrograde cycle primarily occurs in your tenth house of career. Does your reputation accurately reflect who you are? Take advantage of Mars' retrograde gifts and consider your personal brand. Then take time for you, especially in late July and August when Mercury travels retrograde in your fourth house of home and family. You may want a family vacation or even a staycation. Stay present with those closest to you and work out relationship kinks as needed. With your ruler, Venus, entering her retrograde shadow in September, you'll be glad you did!

Your summer horoscope: Gemini


With your birthday month behind you and the summer ahead of you, it’s time to put your social skills to the test. With Mars stationing retrograde in your solar ninth house of international travel you may find yourself with a bit of wanderlust. If so indulge. As the eclipses fast approach, you integrate lessons on how to hone and honor your self-worth. It might be time to ask for a raise or go after that big creative project. In the meanwhile, with the summer season here, being the natural connector that you are, nurture your social network. Remember we are all in this together. Lift others up.

Your summer horoscope: Cancer


With sun traveling in your sign summer kicks off with your solar return, AKA your birthday. With the upcoming supermoon new moon solar eclipse in your sign on July 12, be sure to anchor in your desires and longings then. Given that Pluto directly opposes this new moon, it’s time to let go of behaviors, patterns, and people that keep you locked in a victim role. Come August, you’ll be ready to renovate relationships, especially ones with financial ramifications. Own your worth. It’s time. Trust that your body knows exactly what it needs. (You are healing!)

Your summer horoscope: Leo


Summer of 2018, ripe with emotional labor, asks you to stay on the path of doing deep work. Embrace it, because it’s game-changing. Pay close attention to what’s emerging in your life when it comes to relationships. Between now and the time the sun enters your sign on July 23, prioritize rest. Practice eating by walking barefoot. With an upcoming Mercury retrograde occurring your zodiac sign, you’ll want to feel nourished and authentically connected. Especially come the New supermoon solar eclipse in your sign on August 11. The universe points the spotlight on you; your manifesting capacities amplify.

Your summer horoscope: Virgo


Habits are up for reconfiguration this summer. With Mars retrograde on your sixth house of day-to-day life, it’s time to simmer on what’s no longer working and ditch it. The July 12 new moon eclipse happens in your solar 11th house of hopes and wishes, amplifying your capacity to call in what you most desire. If it’s love you want, hold space for that dream to come true. Let go of perfectionism and focus on progress instead. Remember most successful people fail their way to success. Permit yourself to be on your edge even if it feels messy.

Your summer horoscope: Libra


If ever there’s a time to lead with love, it’s now. With the sun traveling in your 10th house of fame, the place where the first eclipse of the summer will occur, call forth your tenacity, resilience, grit, and empathy. Stand up for whom and what you believe in. Your fifth house of creativity, where Mars’ retrograde path will primarily take place, supports you to feel the fire of your creativity. Astrologically speaking the upcoming season prompts a massive growth trajectory. Lean into the powers of the Leo new supermoon solar eclipse on August 11 as it lights up your 11th house of manifestation. It'll be time to call in what you most desire then.

Your summer horoscope: Scorpio


With ruling planet Mars retrograde, the summer of 2018 offers you a potent time to reevaluate where you are versus where you want to be, especially as it relates to career and relationships. Take advantage of this opportunity. The third eclipse of the season, the Leo solar eclipse, happens in your 10th house of fame. Set strong intentions for your professional plans then. With Mars traveling primarily in your fifth house of creativity, you may find good ideas and opportunities rising to the surface. Take note. The fifth house also relates to love and romance. So don't shortchange your partner if you are coupled or hold back on dating if you single. Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good fortune, who currently travels in your sign, stations direct on July 10, meaning you'll feel the positive impact of this planet in your sign even more!

Your summer horoscope: Sagittarius


Despite all the retrograde activity this summer, your ruling planet, Jupiter, stations direct on July 10 and begins its journey in all earnest back to Sagittarius. Having been retrograde since March 8, forward movement from this benevolent titan in the sky helps you tremendously. The summer of 2018 sets you up for Jupiter to move into your sign November 8, 2018. Allow your vision to solidify this summer because come to the close of 2018, the stars align for you. Schedule some much-needed downtime. You'll be so glad you did. In the meanwhile, Mars' retrograde cycle occurs in your third house of communication. Pay careful attention to your communication. Watch your defensiveness, and do the work to ensure that you reactions accurately reflect your intentions!

Your summer horoscope: Capricorn


The demanding cosmic curriculum of the summer of 2018 asks you to own your value, and tend to your money. (Mars primarily travels retrograde in your second house of self-worth, ending its journey in your sign. Mercury goes retrograde in your eighth house of money from others.) However, with Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, journeying through your sign, you might feel like you are catching your stride. After all, Saturn rules your sign, and of all the signs you don't shy away from the hard work. With Pluto in your sign too, I know that on top of your professional life you are doing a lot of serious emotional work. Please take time to acknowledge your growth and progress. You are impacting those you love in positive ways.

Your summer horoscope: Aquarius


With Mars traveling in your sign, and a total solar eclipse due in your sign in late July, loosen the reins and surrender to your intuition. You can't control all of life, and now's not the time to try. Cultivate the powers of Mars in your sign for an extended period of time. After all, Mars' retrograde spin means it's supporting you for an unusually long duration. Jupiter, which travels in your 10th house of fame, stations direct on July 10. This forward movement awakens you to new professional opportunities. In the meantime, don't neglect your relationships. Mercury's retrograde journey occurs in your seventh house of committed partnerships, asking you to foster deeper bonds.

Your summer horoscope: Pisces


Your empathy and intuition are your superpowers. With tremendous change afoot and Mars retrograde in your 12th house of spiritual development for the majority of the summer, your ability to "know" becomes even more clear. Given Saturn's transit in your Capricorn, your solar 11th house of groups, I get the sense that you are owning your ability to lead. Step into this even more. Meanwhile, the Cancer solar eclipse activates your fifth house of love and romance. Pluto opposes this new moon, asking you to release a difficult relationship if needed. The second solar eclipse activates your sixth house of daily routines, offering you the ability to restructure your day-to-day life as needed. Use Mercury's retrograde spin to your advantage! It will help you to better understand your needs and, more importantly, get them met.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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