‘I’m a Beauty Editor, and This Travel Makeup Mirror Is a Must-Have for Getting Ready on the Go’

Photo: Zadro
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When I'm traveling, my makeup mirror is the one thing I miss the most. Other people's bathrooms (including hotels) never have the right lighting, and I once spent three weeks away from home only to discover that I'd accidentally let my mustache grow out of control because I couldn't see it in the mirror I'd been getting ready in. So when I found the Zadro LED Lighted Travel Mirror, it immediately became my new travel buddy (or really, best friend).

Zadro, LED Lighted Travel Mirror — $45.00


  • Two mirrors in one with 10x magnifying power
  • Compact design perfect for a carry-on
  • 1-year warranty
  • LED light built in


  • Uses batteries
  • May be too small for certain preferences

The Zadro LED Lighted Travel Mirror allows me to feel confident that I look my best while traveling. It has two mirrors, one regular and one 10x magnifying mirror to allow me to see what I'm doing while applying makeup or tweezing errant hairs. Each mirror is encompassed by an LED light, which you can turn on together or individually depending on how much light you need. Plus, it stands up on its own and has an adjustable height, so you can comfortably use it hands-free.

I use the full-size Zadro LED Variable Light Vanity Mirror at home, and the Zadro Travel Mirror is the perfect mini version to take on the go. The mirror folds down into a compact disk, which is super easy to store and takes up minimal luggage space. If I'm really packing things tight, it's small enough to just toss into my purse.

The only issue with this easy-to-transport size, though, is that it means the mirrors are quite small—they have a circumference of about 3.25 inches. This means you have to get close to see yourself. While that is a bit annoying, it's worth it, since it makes it easy to bring from place to place.

Aside from allowing me to actually see what I'm doing, the mirror truly allows me to do my makeup anywhere. I don't have to find a free bathroom or perfect lighting to put on my face—I've already got everything I need.


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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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