‘I’m an RD, and This Is the Zero-Sugar Kombucha Mocktail I Make To Turn Any Weeknight Into a Special Occasion’

Photo: Humm Kombucha, Clara Nosek & W+G Creative
Whether you're in the midst of Dry January or are just hoping to lower your alcohol consumption a tad in 2024, you aren't alone—the percentage of adults under age 35 who say they *ever* drink has dropped 10 percent (down to 62 percent) in the last 20 years, and only 38 percent of young adults consider themselves regular drinkers, according to Gallup.

Translation: The sober-curious lifestyle is on the rise, which is a trend that registered dietician Clara Nosek fully supports (as long as you're clear on your motivations for doing so, whether that's health reasons, lifestyle changes, or genuine curiosity). The sober-curious movement has also helped facilitate the revival of mocktails, which can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their feelings about alcohol.

"I think what's great about mocktails is how they're changing our views on drinks that feature fruit juices, nectars, and sodas," Nosek says. "It's less about scaring people away from certain foods and more about giving everyone the chance to choose what they enjoy without feeling bad about it. Because, at the end of the day, our food choices should be satiating and satisfying—and a fun mocktail of juice and seltzer has a place in a sustainable, healthy diet. From a self-care perspective, I think mocktails are fun, and finding new sources of joy are an essential component to self-care practices."

"From a self-care perspective, I think mocktails are fun, and finding new sources of joy are an essential component to self-care practices."

One mocktail ingredient Nosek recommends keeping on hand? Kombucha, since it mimics the complexity and mouthfeel of certain alcoholic beverages (think a light beer or sparkling wine) and comes in a variety of flavors. Humm Zero Blood Orange kombucha is the star ingredient in her go-to weeknight mocktail, thanks to its softer, non-vinegary flavor.

This particular zero-sugar mocktail recipe was inspired by summer, Nosek's favorite season, as a way to add some zest to dreary winter days. "By the time Dry January rolls around, I am completely over winter weather," she says. "This mocktail feels like a beach vacation. It starts with a little sweetness from fresh strawberries, followed by a citrusy burst of bright and sunny flavors from the orange and pineapple juice, and finishes with the balance of Humm’s blood orange kombucha to add a subtly complex and effervescent twist."

The best part is that there's no sugar hiding in Humm Zero's ingredient list, so you can rest assured that your mocktail will be balanced and delicious, without being overly sweet. Plus, it contains 2 billion probiotics to support optimum gut health, vitamin B12 to boost energy, and vitamins C and D to support your immune system. So whenever you want to whip up a mocktail for a quick pick-me-up, you'll be supporting your well-being and turning your winter weeknights into something to celebrate.

Low-Sugar Summer Spritz

Makes one serving


1 oz fresh strawberries, muddled
½ orange, juiced
2 oz pineapple juice
Humm Zero Blood Orange
Dehydrated blood orange slice, optional for garnish

1. Muddle the strawberries in a glass.

2. Top with ice.

3. Add orange juice, pineapple juice, and top with kombucha.

4. Garnish with a slice of dehydrated blood orange, and toast to making weeknights feel more special.

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