14 Wellness Pros Share the Healthy Breakfasts They Eat Every Morning

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A healthy morning can set the tone for a healthy day, so it's no surprise that wellness experts know a thing or two about nourishing, energizing breakfasts. (And, no, that doesn't just mean the classic warm water-and-lemon combo.)

Just like you've probably got that one a.m. meal you always gravitate toward, so do they—and their picks can provide some great inspiration to help you up your own breakfast game.

From plant-based to Paleo, sweet to savory, here's what 14 fitness trainers, nutritionists, and wellness influencers prepare to keep themselves feeling balanced and fueled for hours. Add one into your usual rotation to get an extra healthy (and delicious) jumpstart on your day, too. 

Scroll down to see what 14 health and wellness pros eat for breakfast.

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Lauren Kleban, creator of LEKfit

Kleban usually chooses good old-fashioned toast in the morning... with a gourmet twist. "I typically eat breakfast after my workout, so I go for things that nourish and help my body recover," she says. She tops a piece of gluten-free or sprouted bread with avocado, figs, pomegranate seeds, pistachios, microgreens, olive oil, and M Salt—a blend of salt, herbs, and spices that she learned about from Emmy Rossum.

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Kimberly Snyder, nutritionist and New York Times best-selling author

Snyder (a Well+Good Council member) is known for her signature Glowing Green Smoothie, so it's no surprise that it's usually her first meal of the day. "The GGS is the ultimate energy and beauty booster," she says. "It's loaded with greens, lemon juice, and high-fiber fruit to pack a mega-punch of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals." To make it yourself, throw spinach, romaine lettuce, celery, apple, and banana into your blender. (You can also add cilantro and parsley if you're feeling bold).

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Katia Pryce, creator and CEO of DanceBody

There are two types of "breakfast days" in Pryce's life. When she's running between appointments and workouts, she goes for a super-strong coffee mixed with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and a half-spoonful of coconut oil. She calls this her "rock star coffee"—it helps keep her energized without being over-filling. But when she's sitting down to answer emails before starting her day, she goes for protein-packed Greek yogurt topped with paleo-friendly granola, a dash of cinnamon, and a banana or berries. "[There's] no prep time, which is the biggest 'need' for me," she says.

Natalie Uhling, creator of NUFit

To start her day off on a balanced note, Uhling goes for avocado toast on Udi's gluten free bread with a side of scrambled eggs, which are a staple in her diet. "Since I'm pregnant, it is really important for me to have a nutrient-dense breakfast that is packed with healthy fats, carbs, and protein," Uhling says. Plus, she adds, getting enough to eat in the morning helps tame her nausea before she gets going with her day.

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Anna Mitsios, naturopath, nutritionist, and founder of Edible Beauty

Mitsios usually whips up a chia bowl made with buckwheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and, of course, chia seeds. It's topped off with goji berries, fresh blueberries, shredded coconut, and a little almond milk or coconut yogurt. "This delicious, easy-to-make breakfast has a low glycemic index and provides a great hit of fiber, which keeps me satiated while I power through my morning," she says. Plus, the fatty acids in the chia seeds and the antioxidants in the berries have major beauty benefits.

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Naomi Whittel, author of Glow15

Whittel's go-to breakfast falls right in line with her eating philosophy: "My mantra is fat first, fat most, every day in every way," says Whittel. She's talking healthy fats like MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil and omega-3 fatty acids—they don't spike blood sugar, and they're great for keeping you satiated and fueled, she says. To pack her morning with healthy fats, she drizzles half an avocado with two teaspoons of tea seed oil, a teaspoon of lemon juice, and some salt and red pepper flakes. It's topped off with four ounces of smoked salmon and an ounce of crumbled goat cheese. 

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Darby Jackson, co-founder of Après 

Jackson practices intermittent fasting to improve cognitive function and decrease inflammation, so in place of a full breakfast, she has a Bulletproof coffee blended with lion's mane mushrooms, coconut oil, and ghee. "This blast of fat keeps me full for a few hours in the morning while I take phone calls, answer emails, and get in my morning workout," she says. To break her fast, she has an Après after her workout, followed by a big lunch.

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Bree Branker, Akin’s Army trainer

Branker will have a quick coffee and bowl of oatmeal before her early clients, but her second breakfast is where it's at. "I’m starving after the morning sessions, so the heartier, the better," she says. Usually, this means eggs, bacon, toast, and avocado.  For an extra-delicious twist, she adds goat cheese and arugula to her eggs.

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Geraldine Ridaura, founder of Holy Matcha

Ridaura is a huge proponent of eating breakfast daily, but that doesn't mean she spends a ton of time getting it together in the a.m. "At night before going to bed, I hard-boil eggs and peel them so that they’re ready to go the next morning," she says. "To complete my meal, I plate two sliced eggs, half an avocado (an amazing source of healthy fats), pico de gallo (a tomato salsa loaded with antioxidants), and garlic because it has superpowers." Hello, prebiotics and immune support.

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Jordan Younger, author, founder of The Balanced Blonde, and host of the Soul on Fire podcast

Younger follows an Ayurvedic eating plan, and that includes her breakfast. "My morning routine is very grounding and healing," she shares. "I start the day with a tablespoon of organic olive oil, and 30 minutes later I drink two warm glasses of water with lemon. About 30 minutes after that, I eat the Ayurvedic dish kitchari for breakfast." Her go-to breakfast kitchari recipe includes basmati rice, mung daal or cauliflower rice; kitchari spices (mustard seed, turmeric, mineral salt, cumin seed, and ginger); ghee; and warming add-ons like pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. It's topped with full-fat coconut milk and tahini.

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Traci Copeland, Nike Master Trainer

If breakfast salads are a thing, Copeland's at the forefront of the trend. She goes for an egg scramble with turkey bacon and tomatoes, served over a bed of spinach. She also loves bread, but doesn't love how heavy it feels first thing in the morning. "My best friend turned me onto Fitness Bread, so I typically add a slice or two, depending on how hungry I am, with mashed avocado," she says. A little Parmesan and pink Himalayan salt top it off—along with one to two cups of coffee.

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Lara Mead, co-founder of Varley 

Sakara delivery is a favorite of wellness experts everywhere, including Mead. "Their breakfasts are perfect and so easy, and plant-based food makes me feel energized and clean," she says. "I also tend to do Pilates first thing in the morning, so having my breakfast ready makes my life so much easier as I can eat on the run." She particularly loves their spiced apple cider muffin with walnut crumble.

14 wellness pros share the healthy breakfasts they eat every morning

Kylan Fischer, yoga and dance teacher at K2 Studios

Fischer is a fan of a vibrant green smoothie. "I love it because I pack it with so many essential nutrients," she says. "It leaves me feeling full and energized." Her favorite recipe: A tropical blend of banana, clementine slices, pineapple, mango, spinach, almond milk, hemp seeds, and a touch of stevia.

Nikia Phoenix, model, content creator, and founder of Black Girl Beautiful 

Phoenix is more of a savory brunch person than a breakfast person, and this filling bowl is a great way for her to use up whatever fresh food she's got on hand. In this case, she scrambled up some kale and eggs, then topped it with red peppers, olives, fresh garlic, a bit of feta, and pita bread on the side. "This dish gives me energy and nutrients without weighing me down," she says. Sounds like a winning combination, indeed.

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