6 Top-Rated Dog Beds on Amazon to Spoil Your Pet on National Puppy Day (or Any Day)

Photo: Stocksy/Rowena Naylor

Though you value your dog more than your family (okay, well, maybe just its approval of your S.O.), it's probably best that you and your pup keep separate sleeping quarters—for the sake of germ-spreading concerns and for your own sleep. Yet discovering a winning sleep sich for your fur baby is tougher than finding one for yourself. After all, it is harder to test dive a high-tech mattress your pooch will love.

So, thank goodness for Amazon reviewers, who are dedicated to helping you solve the mysteries of online shopping for absolute essentials like towels, bras, and bed sheets. To help celebrate National Puppy Day, I rounded up dog beds on Amazon with more than a thousand 4.5- to 5-star reviews so you can spoil your pup with a luxe essential it can enjoy every single night.

Indulge in puppy love with these 6 Amazon-customer favorites.

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