7 Anti-Inflammatory Hot Beverages You’ll Want to Cozy up to This Winter

Photo: Nirvana Cakery

Slippers? Check. Good book? Check. Mug of anti-inflammatory goodness? [Record scratch.]

Okay, so a comforting cup of ultra-rich hot cocoa is super-enticing, but nothing harshes your hygge mellow like a bloated belly (courtesy of digestion-disrupting BFFs sugar and dairy).

Cinnamon, ginger, and chaga to the rescue! Inflammation-fighting superfoods make for healthier hot drinks, so your gut seriously benefits from each sip. You may have heard of golden milk by now, but the does-the-body-goodness doesn't stop there.

From turmeric hot chocolate to flu-fighting tonics, the healthy super-beverage scene is just getting warmed up (sorry, had to).

Sip on one of these 7 recipes during your next cozy night in.

Homegrown Provisions Golden chai latte
Photo: Homegrown Provisions

1. Golden Chai Latte

Chai concentrate may be infamous for added sugars, but chai tea itself is loaded with super-herbs (think cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom), all known for their inflammation-reducing properties. Homegrown Provisions blogger Shannon Summers gives it an extra gut-healthy boost, adding turmeric to the tasty latte. If you're a loyal soy-chai girl, this one will blow your mind.

Nirvana Cakery Reishi chocolate latte
Photo: Nirvana Cakery

2. Reishi Chocolate Latte

Sucker for a good cup of hot chocolate? Me too. Raw cacao gives this latte a deep chocolate flavor, which makes it perfect for masking the bitterness of reishi—the antiviral and anti-inflammatory super-shroom. Hana Mendes, the blogger behind Nirvana Cakery, also gives her dairy-free chocolate latte a dose of metabolism-supporting healthy fats—and luscious creaminess—by adding a spoonful of coconut butter. Buh-bye, Swiss Miss.

Heart + Bowl Flu fighting tonic
Photo: Heart + Bowl

3. Flu-Fighting Tonic

Is there anything worse than getting slowed down by a bug? Heart + Bowl blogger Anna Eastick makes the common winter virus deliciously easy to avoid with a simple mix of lemon, honey, and turmeric. The citrus provides a mega vitamin-C boost for your immune system, while anti-inflammatories honey and turmeric support gut health and ward off chronic diseases. Added bonus? You likely have all of these ingredients in your kitchen already.

Kiss My Bowl Chaga chai
Photo: Kiss My Bowl

4. Chaga Chai

Cinnamon, cardamom, peppercorns, coconut oil, ginger, honey, chaga.... Practically every ingredient in this mug helps to reduce inflammation. And while making your chai keeps the tea extra healthy, there are other reasons to DIY, too. "It allows total control on what flavors are most desired, makes room for personal flare, and whole spices keep their flavors and aromatics wayyy longer than ground spices," explains Shanna Laychuck of Kiss My Bowl. And really, how adorable are those cinnamon stick stirrers?

Nutrition Stripped ultimate tonic
Photo: Nutrition Stripped

5. The Ultimate Tonic

When you're thinking about a delicious hot beverage, mushrooms may not be the first thing that come to mind. But if you're looking if you're looking for a stress reliever in a cup, start sipping stat. Worried about the flavor? Nutrition Stripped founder McKel Hill adds cashew milk, dates, cacao, and honey to this mushroom tonic so that it goes down easy. "It’s slightly sweet, creamy, and has a touch of earthiness to it," she explains. "I absolutely love it and find it incredibly delicious."

Spice and Sprout Honey, ginger, and black pepper spiced Rooibos tea latte
Photo: Spice and Sprout

6. Honey, Ginger, and Black Pepper Spiced Rooibos Tea Latte

It seems that ginger is good for just about everything, especially your gut—thanks in large part to gingerol, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound in the root. "This drink is spicy, sweet, creamy, smooth, and calming," writes Spice and Sprout blogger Maya Popovich, who traded in her cup of coffee for this tea latte and hasn't looked back. Her concoction is finished with a sprinkle of chili powder, which not only helps to reduce inflammation, but also supports digestion, clears up congestion, and supports a healthy metabolism. Basically, this latte takes self care to a whole new level.

Apollo & Luna Turmeric hot chocolate
Photo: Apollo & Luna

7. Turmeric Hot Chocolate

When in doubt, add turmeric. Especially if the you're feeling the the burn after a tough workout. "Turmeric is my go-to when I’m feeling sore, and I love combining it with cacao powder and cinnamon for a tasty turmeric hot chocolate," writes Molly Ashworth of Apollo & Luna. Her simple, not-too-sweet recipe uses cinnamon, cacao, and coconut oil, too, so you can fill up on good-for-you ingredients. If only someone could make an anti-inflammatory marshmallow to top it off....

Now that you've got gut-health down, it's time to support your adrenals. This elixir will help fight stress one sip at a time. Or if you're looking for healthy drinks to sip on when you go out, too, these cocktail recipes are loaded with superfoods. 

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