This 5-Minute Arms and Abs Routine Will Be Your Go-to Workout This Season

Keeping your core strong is key for achieving all your fitness #goals, but staying on track over the holidays can start to feel like a major chore (who has time to spend an hour in the gym when there are decorations to put up and vegan cookies to bake?).

Luckily, Akin's Army trainer Bree Branker found a compromise for you: her quickie arms and abs circuit that packs some serious burn into a small amount of time. And with no equipment necessary, it's the ideal hotel-room workout for your holiday travels—or for when you're just way too crunched for time to make the trek to the fitness studio.

In the latest episode of our Sweat Series with Athleta, Branker and her sweat sister, fellow Akin's Army trainer Sophia Goldstein, demonstrate how to expertly execute each move so you see max results—and can get back to holiday activities ASAP.

Watch the video to see how it's done, and shop their favorite workout looks below.


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