‘Banana Eggs’ Are the Protein-Packed Sweet Breakfast Perfect for Lazy Mornings

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Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancakes" is my Sunday morning anthem. I dance around the kitchen in my PJs and whip up my own spin on the song's namesake. To be specific, they're banana and egg pancakes that require just that: (one) banana and (two) eggs. Years after finding the beyond-simple recipe on Pinterest, I've made some gourmet tweaks of my own that—I think?—even Julia Child would applaud. But when my mood swings the opposite way and I'm feeling super lazy, banana eggs are my go-to twist on the recipe.

Let's talk batter, first. Whether you're making the 1.0 pancake or the 2.0 scrambled eggs version of this recipe, you'll need your two eggs and banana at the ready. Once you've smashed the banana into the bowl, crack both eggs, and combine well. Now, here's where thing's get fun! Over the years, I've added some combination of the following to the mix (please, please @ me if you have new ideas):

• coconut
• walnuts, pecans, or thinly sliced almonds
• chia seeds
• strawberries, blueberries, extra banana
• cocoa (for a chocolate flavor)
• chocolate chips
• matcha
• cinnamon (always, always!)
• vanilla
• almond or coconut flour (if I'm hungry for something heartier)
• chocolate chips
• protein powder


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Once the base is ready to go, you can either drizzle the batter into a greased pan in sand dollar-sized circles. Or, if you don't care to deal with the spatula, pour the whole bowl in like you're making an omelette. The eggs are pretty self-explanatory from here—just scramble 'em. As for the pancakes, you'll have to continually check the side that's cooking for when it's golden and ready to be flipped.

To serve, I like to layer on almond butter or this un-freaking-real dupe for Nutella. Not to pat myself on the back too much, but I honestly believe that 9 out of 10 times, my flapjacks and/or eggs beat any that I order at a restaurant. They're sweet, filling, and give me at least 12 grams of protein before it's even noon. It's a nutritional win and—what can I say?—my tastebuds just keep coming back for more. In the words of Johnson, I'm always pretending like it's the weekend.

When you buy your eggs, here's exactly what to look for. Plus, how to pick the freshest dozen in the store. 

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