Could This Giant Plush Bean Bag Make Nap Nooks the New Meditation Corners?

Photo: Instagram/@lovesac
Sure, meditating on a yoga mat is great and all. Meditating on a giant, comfy bean bag, though? Probably the gold standard of comfy mindfulness setups. And thanks to one brand, you can now make your meditation corner pull double duty as a nap nook for clocking in some quick zzz's.

LoveSac—the brand that's transformed a throwback '90s bedroom staple into a modern home statement piece—just released a new addition to its collection that could take your dreamy-decor game to the next level: The BigOne, a $1,375 bean-bag-style chair that's a whopping eight feet long by four feet high.

The BigOne is a $1,375 bean-bag-style chair that's eight feet long by four feet high.

Thanks to the the chair's incredibly soft exterior and shredded Durafoam filling—a material that LoveSac claims evenly absorbs body weight unlike its bean-bag ancestors—you can expect to enter relaxation-mode the instant you sink into it. And even though it's big, the piece of furniture will still fit in with the rest of your healthy home decor: There are multiple styles and colors from which to choose, ranging from beige and gray "phurs" to pretty velvets and naturally-hued knits.

The only issue? You'll run a serious risk of your well-intentioned meditation seshes turning into accidental naps. Talk about champagne problems!

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