To the Only Bra My 36dd Boobs Have Ever Loved

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As a woman who spends a borderline unhealthy amount of time trolling underwear sample sales in search of the perfect bra, let me tell you—once you find the one, you don't really want to take it off.

The bra that truly changed my life is the Chantelle Champs Elysées Lace Demi Bra ($105)—which my mom brought me back in a brown paper bag from a sidewalk sale in Greenwich, Connecticut a few years ago. The first time I put it on I think I wore it for a week straight before washing it (gross I know, sorry) despite it being a not-so-easy-to-wear shade of neon coral.

Before we get into the specifics of this miraculous undergarment, let me tell you that I do not take the accolade of the most impressive bra in the world lightly. After years of having my girls strapped in with what felt like industrial seatbelt material, I have become oh so picky about my bras—especially because big-name brands often seem perplexed by the idea that women have breasts bigger than a C cup. But what makes this bra such a marvel are three main features—the width of the bra straps, the shape of the cups, and its overall lightness.

Chantelle Champs Elysees Lace Demi Bra
Photo: Champs Elysées


Never have I felt so free and unrestricted in a bra! It's the sensation I imagine people who prefer to free boob experience. The straps are thin and light enough that they don't do that thing where they dig into your shoulders and leave welts, but they're somehow still supportive enough to haul around my 36DDs.

As for the shape of the cups—this is described as being a balconette bra, a style which tends to send shivers down my spine. (The defining feature of its design are shorter cups, which when you're cup already runneth over, doesn't sound like a recipe for success.) This one, however, does the most it could possibly do—it keeps my breasts in a nice round shape, it has the perfect amount of space between the two cups, and makes my boobs look their true size, something I didn't think was possible—a problem I run into frequently with bras for people my size is that they somehow make my chest look bigger and bulkier.

The only downside to this bra is that it costs over $100. Typically, that's more than I like to spend on something that is, at its core, purely utilitarian, but in writing this I've just convinced myself to buy at least one more.

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This story was originally published on November 7, 2018; it was updated on November 25, 2018. 

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