These Online Flower Delivery Services Make Sending Beautiful Bouquets Quick and Easy

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There's something about being an adult that makes me want to purchase fresh flowers every time I'm at Trader Joe's, or have them sent via an online flower delivery service. Maybe I've watched too many episodes of Emily in Paris, or just need any excuse to bring the outdoors into my apartment. Whatever the reason, bouquets are a huge mood lift for me—and I'm not alone. 65 percent of Americans say they feel special when receiving flowers, and while the vast majority of folks send blooms for special occasions, a not-insignificant amount of folks (about 23 percent) reported ordering them "just because." Whether you're a "just because" kind of bouquet-lover, or someone who only buys buds for Valentine's Day, we found the best flower delivery services online to make your gifting this year a breeze.

Ahead, find the best flower delivery services and subscriptions that will ensure you and your loved ones are constantly surrounded by fresh arrangements. Whether you want to keep it under $100, or are willing to shell out a bit more, we found the perfect bouquets for you. (And hey, you always have the option to throw in chocolate or baked goods for an extra "wow" factor.)

The best flower deliveries online


Colorful bouquets and reasonable price points is what you get with Proflowers. The company offers arrangements for all occasions, including condolences, birthdays, and wedding gifts. Delivery times vary depending on where you live, but you can send your flowers with chocolates, fruit baskets, and other customizations to really show the recipient how special they are to you.

Prices: $45 and up

Flower selection: Plants and flowers from local florists

Timelines: In most areas of the US and Canada, orders placed by 2pm in the recipient’s time zone can be delivered same day

FTD Flowers

FTD Flowers offers traditional bouquets with optional same-day delivery depending on your location. You can also order plants, gifts, baked goods, and other flower adjacent items to give your gift a little extra oomph.

Prices: $45 and up

Flower selection: Plants and flowers from a network of thousands of local florists

Timelines: In most areas of the US and Canada, orders placed by 2pm in the recipient’s time zone can be delivered same day


Roses Only

As the name would suggest, Roses Only only sells roses. This flower delivery service keeps things simple with one-shade roses delivered in multitudes of four. Opt for same-day delivery if you’re on a time crunch, or pre-order yours for special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

Prices: $50 and up

Flower selection: Roses from equatorial growers

Timelines: Same day in San Diego, Next day US-wide


If you’re in a time crunch and just so happen to be an Instacart member, logging on and ordering flowers from your local supermarket is likely your best bet. Choose from a wide variety of offerings in your area, and enjoy free delivery.

Prices: Various

Flower selection: Various

Timelines: Varies by store, but there are many same-day options


Terrain offers some of the most gorgeous, unique arrangements around. All the bouquets have a vintage, villa-in-Italy vibe and ship to anywhere in the United States. All flowers ship overnight via UPS with a $25 flat fee, so your buds will always arrive on time.

Prices: $68 and up

Flower selection: Various

Timelines: Overnight Monday–Thursday within the continental U.S. Orders received after 10am PT are shipped on Monday.


Every BloomsyBox is filled with rich-hued blooms that mix in other nature-found objects like berries and pinecones. You can choose from their roses, tropical, and plants collection to suit your needs, and subscribing will get you major discounts.

Prices: $40 and up

Flower selection: Plants and flowers, monthly plans

Timelines: Deliveries Tuesday–Friday, arrived in bud form


Purchase dried or fresh flowers via UrbanStems. You can also save between 10 and 25 percent when you subscribe, so bear that in mind if you want fresh flowers in your home literally always (it me). These babies will be delivered to your doorstep as soon as tomorrow.

Prices: $35 and up

Flower selection: Plants, flowers, dried flowers

Timelines: Same day (certain parts of DC and New York City), next day (lower 48 states), or pre-order up to 4 weeks in advance

The Sill

The Sill famously sells cute-as-can-be house plants, but you can also snag beautiful bouquets from their online shop. You’ll also find other gift-worthy items like notebooks, beanies, and vases on the site. Standard shipping orders arrive in two to six business days, depending on where you call home.

Prices: $23 and up

Flower selection: Plants, flowers, dried bouquets

Timelines: Express shipping is 1-2 business days, standard shipping is 2–6 business days


Floom’s blooms (say that three times fast) range from very affordable to very, very expensive. Because they source from various flower shops across the U.S., you can find all types of bouquets on their website, and can opt for day-of delivery if necessary.

Prices: $49 and up

Flower selection: Plants, flowers, gift baskets (NYC florists)

Timelines: Some same-day delivery depending on florist for $19.99, or next-day delivery for $14.99

fresh sends
Fresh Sends

Trust in the powers that be: Fresh Sends sends you and your loved ones a “surprise” bouquet (The Send) that’s put together by professionals based on seasonality and freshness. While you won’t know what you’re sending, you can be rest assured that the receiver loves their arrangement. We love this because it saves time scrolling and agonizing over whether or not you should go with the blood orange daisies, or the violet, spring-y tulips. The bouquet comes beautifully packaged in a cool Fresh Sends “Times” newspaper—and it looks really lovely as a centerpiece. And bouquets come in only one size, so you’re literally one click away from purchase. Done! Easy! And if you subscribe, the bouquet will only be $54. To get an idea of what arrangements look like, check out Fresh Sends’ Instagram page.

Prices: $60 for one send, $54 for subscription

Flower selection: Various by season

Timelines: Order by 5pm ET for overnight delivery

Ode À La Rose

As the name would suggest, there’s something elegant and French about these flower arrangements. None of the bouquets are particularly complex, but they all look like decor you may find in, say, Ladurée or a fancy European pastry shop. You can order these beauties nationwide, and opt for same-day deliveries in major metropolises like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Prices: $64 and up

Flower selection: Bouquets, preserved roses, orchids

Timelines: Same-day delivery to select cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, Philadelphia, DC, Austin, Miami) and next-day delivery throughout the U.S.

Venus et Fleur

If these roses look familiar, it’s because you’ve probably spotted the on your IG feed. A celeb favorite, Venus et Fleur specializes in rose arrangements that come in their signature logo-clad boxes. You’ll pay $44 for a single rose (ugh), but there’s no denying the classic beauty of these simple bouquets. Ship these roses express if you need ’em sooner.

Prices: $44 and up

Flower selection: Preserved roses

Timelines: Hand delivery within NYC, parts of Long Island, upstate NY, North Jersey, and Los Angeles. Next day for some zip codes, UPS ground within the U.S.


FlowerBx organizes their entire set by hue—making flower shopping a delightful experience. Whether you’re shopping for a lilac lover, or someone who loves all-red everything, you can easily sift through Flower Bx’s collection. East coasters and west coasters can opt for next-day delivery.

Prices: $60 and up

Flower selection: Plants, flowers, subscriptions

Timelines: Orders by 1pm ET are eligible for same day delivery, Monday–Friday, in Manhattan. Next-day deliveries available Tuesday–Friday, 3+ days for standard delivery.

Enjoy Flowers

Want control over every step of the flower-buying process? Enjoy Flowers is for you. Choose your flowers, a vase, a delivery date, and a customizable note. Then, Enjoy Flowers will pack your blooms up and ship them off to your loved ones.

Prices: $59 and up

Flower selection: Flowers, subscriptions

Timelines: Monday–Thursday for one-time bouquets, Tuesday or Thursdays for subscriptions within the contiguous U.S. No same-day delivery.


Petalled’s arrangements look like they belong in a mason jar. These farmhouse-chic flowers will make every space feel cozy and wild. And one of the more unique things about Petalled is that you get to DIY the arrangement. You’ll get a box with everything you need, including gorgeous stems, step-by-step instructions, and measuring tape.

Prices: $70 and up

Flower selection: Stems

Timelines: Tuesday–Friday, overnight delivery within the contiguous states


Want your gift to last a little longer than two weeks? Send your loved one a plant from Bloomi. You can choose between high-maintenance, low-maintenance, and pet-friendly varieties. Everything ships within two to six days.

Prices: $35 and up

Flower selection: Plants

Timelines: Express shipping is 2–3 days, standard shipping is 3–7 days

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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