12 Sex and Relationship Podcasts That’ll Make You Laugh, Cry, and Blush

Photo: Marco Govel
If you're feeling like your commute has been bogged down by bad news as of late, you may want to consider giving yourself a mental health break to deep dive instead into the one thing all humans, regardless of their politics, have in common: relationships.

It's endlessly fascinating how simultaneously unique and universal the challenges, quirks, and questions that arise in this arena are—especially when relationship talk turns to sex. Below, find 12 podcasts discuss the ins and outs of emotional and physical intimacy in always raw, occasionally hilarious, and often NSFW ways. (That's what headphones are for, people!)

Originally published July 5, 2018; updated September 2, 2018.

Don't have time to listen yet? Worry not: Here are the answers to every sex question you've been afraid to ask. Plus, find out what type of relationship you should be looking for based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

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