The Luxury Activewear Items People Are Actually Splurging on Right Now

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The words "twin set" typically conjure images of cardigan-tank combos (perhaps accessorized with a strand of pearls). But today, discerning—and barre- and boot camp-loving—shoppers have adopted the term and are applying it to luxe, matching sporty separates. And, according to insiders at a handful of high-end retailers, it's the activewear that they're actually splurging on right now.

From Saks Fifth Avenue to Barneys New York (and even across the pond, at ultra-discerning London department store Matches Fashion), going for both the leggings and the bra top are practically standard procedure—even if the whole look will set you back $200.

"People are buying functional, minimal, and stylish pieces."

In addition to a statement (and, let's be honest, sweaty selfie-ready) look, you also get the benefit of not having to spend very much time putting together an outfit when you're trying to make it to your 7 a.m. Pilates class.

“We find that people are buying functional, minimal, and stylish pieces,” notes Chelsea Power, studio buyer at Matches Fashion. (In particular, Brits are swiping their credit cards for LNDR's high-waisted leggings paired with the brand's longer crop tops.) Jennifer Bandier, founder of New York "active fashion" boutique Bandier, is seeing the same thing—this summer, she says, a fairly simple color-blocked crop-top bra and matching tight from Heroine Sport has been flying off shelves.

And lest the price tag trip you up, remember this math: You're technically getting three potential outfits out of every set.

Feeling the urge to splurge? Here are the luxe activewear sets flying off of shelves this summer.

Best-selling luxury activewear sets of summer 2017

Graphics: Abby Maker for Well+Good

In demand at Saks: Koral Dare Bra, $80, and Knockout Cropped Leggings, $120

In demand at Bandier: Heroine Sport Tread Bra, $85, and Tread Legging, $145

In demand at Barneys New York: Electric & Rose Greyson Stretch-Cotton Crop Top, $90, and Sunset Stretch-Cotton Leggings, $90

In demand at Matches Fashion: LNDR A-Grade Seamless Performance Bra, $51, and Eight Eight Compression Seamless Leggings, $98

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