I’m a Sex Expert, and These Are the Best Sex Toys for Older Adults

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Whether you're 28, 82, or any other age, physical and emotional intimacy are important and, frankly, necessary, in the scope of sexual relationships. But as we age, our bodies change, and, among other implications, our sexual wants and needs shift as well. But change can certainly be good, leading to growth and—in the case of sex—increased pleasure. And by arming yourself with tips, tricks, and recommendations for the best sex toys for older adults, sex can also be more comfortable throughout the aging process and, more generally, fun to have.

Sex toys for older adults are great because they can facilitate pleasure that we all deserve to experience. Below, find some of the most common aging-related effects that may impact someone's sex life and then get tips for what helpful tool to solve for that issue. While we can’t deny that our bodies go through many changes amid the aging process, we can embrace the tools available to us that allow for the high-quality of pleasure-rich sex we can and should have throughout every phase of life.

3 age-related issues that play into sex drive, and the best sex toys for older adults to help ease them

1. Decreased levels of estrogen

One example of how the body may change during the aging process that has implications on sex is the decreased creation of estrogen that vagina owners experience. This happens during perimenopause, which tends to occur in one's late forties or early fifties (though sometimes earlier), and can make the vaginal tissue more fragile, which can result in painful penetrative sex and reoccurring urinary tract infections.

Helpful aid:

GoLove CBD Intimate Serum: 200mg of CBD (formerly Intimate Lubricant) — $68.00

As vulva owners age, our bodies tend to produce less natural lubricant in general. While lube is always a great idea, CBD lube can take things to the next level by helping to relax your muscles enough to feel sensations that might otherwise be difficult to focus on during painful sex.

2. Vaginal prolapse

As vulva owners age, there is an increased risk of vaginal prolapse, which happens when the vagina slips from its position, downward. It can happen as a result of pelvic-floor muscles weakening during the aging process and also after vaginal childbirth, and as a result, deep penetration can be uncomfortable. If you are experiencing vaginal prolapse, it's advised you see a medical provider. For sex, specifically, a certain aid can help.

Helpful aid:

Ohnut — $65.00

Ohnut is a modular ring that slips onto the penis creating a soft and cushy barrier, which can be helpful for people who don’t find deep penetration pleasurable—or even painful. This rings are super-flexible, making them comfortable and pleasurable for all participating people. They come in packs so you can decide on the right amount for your body.

3. Arthritis

Another common reality of aging is the onset of arthritis, which the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates may affect nearly half of adults over 65 years old. Some forms of arthritis can make using your hands to pleasure yourself or a partner(s) difficult.

Helpful aid:

We-Vibe Chorus — $199.00

This internal and external vaginal and cliroral stimulator comes with a remote control, which allows for easy pleasure for folks struggling to achieve it manually. It’s also a fun way to explore new types of pleasure in partnered play (think, one person controlling the speed and vibration setting another person is experiencing). And while it has a lot of high-tech features, you don’t have to be tech-savvy or use all of them for this toy to rock your world.

Other aids you may find helpful (or even just fun)

There are so many cutting-edge sex toys that are great for older adults that are both easy to use and also aid in partnered pleasure. These toys help ensure the sexual experience is rich with pleasure-enjoying opportunity, which should be a goal at any age.

We-Vibe Kegel Balls — $119.00

Vulva-owners’ pelvic floors loosen over time, but with the help of kegel exercises, strength can be built, which can also lead to enhanced your sexual pleasure. Kegel balls, like this insertable vibrating version, can not only feel good, but also help your body build a strong pelvic floor.

V for Vibes Eos Bullet Vibrator — $30.00

This Eos vibe is built for simplicity and pleasure. Its small and compact design can be paired with penetrative sex if designed or used for outercourse.

Crystal Delights Glass Dilators Set — $211.00

Crystal Delights Borosilicate Glass Dilators set includes three different-sized dilators designed to help vagina owners who tend to find penetrative sex painful. These dilators are meant to be inserted and worn for a period of time to help comfortably ease the body into penetrative play. This set was created by doctors for people who struggle with vaginismus, endometriosis, loss of estrogen, and vaginal prolapse.

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