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The Only Kinds of Thongs You Should Wear When Working Out, According to a Gynecologist

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So, you're having a hard time finding a good thong for working out. Trust us, you're not alone. Maybe you usually sweat it out after work and forget to pack a pair of regular briefs. Perhaps all your gym-friendy undies are in the washer. Or hey, maybe you just prefer thongs! A good pair of underwear is just as important, if not more important, than a pair of comfortable leggings. If your underwear is constantly bunching up or getting caught between every nook and cranny each time you do a squat, this can make getting through a HIIT session incredibly uncomfortable. Unfortunately, finding panties that are tailor-made for breaking a sweat is not as easy to find, especially if that panty is a thong.

What to look for in a workout thong

While there's no real set of rules on wearing thongs while working out, it's important to consider the fabric and your comfort level above all else. "For people who are experiencing vulvar/vaginal irritation, I recommend switching to a cotton brief to avoid potential rubbing/friction from the thong," Dr. Kelly Culwell, M.D., OB-GYN. "If you wear a thong, make sure it is cotton or has a cotton lining."

Overall, it's best to look for thongs that stay in place (as much as possible, at least) and give your groin area as much breathability as possible. Again, this usually means opting for fabrics that are air-y and light, like cotton. "Anything with lace or other rough material in the crotch area can cause friction and irritation of the vulva/vaginal opening during exercise," Culwell explains. "Most underwear that is not made entirely of cotton has a cotton crotch lining to increase breathability and decrease irritation from sweat and friction that could happen with other fibers."

And finally, as a general rule, it's best to remove any wet underwear (of any kind) after working out so as not to cause irritation or increase the chance of a yeast infection forming due to bacteria.

The bottom line? Experts agree it's best to sweat it out in a cotton brief. But if you don't have that choice (or prefer to go with a thong), you still have options—you just need to be strategic about fabric and design. If you're not sure what undies are worth trying during your next workout sesh, here are some of our top picks below.

Best thongs for working out

lululemon UnderEase Mid-Rise Underwear — $18.00

If your workout routine is a mix of yoga and low-lift exercises, this UnderEase Mid-Rise thong from lululemon may be just what you need to get through your next sweat session. It fits smoothly around the waist, and provides a good amount of stretch, thanks to the combo of elastane and Lycra fabric. While it’s not cotton fabric, it’s built to be sweat-wicking (so you can avoid ending up with a huge sweat stain on your crotch after your class’s final savasana.

Sweaty Betty Barey There Thong — $8.00

If you find yourself re-adjusting your underwear every time you finish a set of lunges, this Sweaty Betty thong may be for you. The nylon fabric is soft yet durable for you to wear again and again without losing its shape. Plus, the thong has a cotton gusset (the excess material in the crotch) to help keep your vaginal area well ventilated.

Girlfriend Collective Raven Sport Thong — $18.00

What really stands out about this Raven Sport Thong is how secure the fit is. No matter if you’re doing warrior pose or a set of mountain climbers, it’s designed to stay high on your waist. The fabric is silky smooth and has very few seams to keep VPL out of sight and out of mind. This one is also not made of cotton (it’s made of recycled plastic bottles and spandex), it’s designed with a moisture-wicking gusset with a material called COOLMAX that makes it vulva-friendly.


Quo Active Thong — $24.00

If you like doing high cardio exercises and intense workouts, this Active Thong belongs in your gym bag. It’s one of the few styles designed for high performance activity. The seamless waistband doesn’t dig into your hips and the crotch has an antimicrobial protective lining to keep germs and bacteria at bay as you begin to sweat. While the thong is made of a polyamide-elastane blend, its design will still leave you feeling fresh and cool.

Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong 3-Pack Underwear — $21.00

In terms of pure comfort, these Under Armour Pure Stretch thongs may just take the cake. This is mainly due to the four-way stretch material that moves with your body and the soft nylon that makes you feels like you’re wearing next to nothing. Additionally, the cotton gusset adds some much-needed breathability in the area you need it most.

Skims Fits Everybody Thong — $18.00

There are many things I love about Kim Kardashian (Pete Davidson included), but her brand’s underwear is definitely at the top of my list of fave things. Not only are the styles size-inclusive, but this thong in particular is the gift that keeps on giving IMO. Made of nylon and 21% spandex, these undies are made to stretch and adjust to your body. Plus, the low-cut hem accents your curves in all the right places, and the cotton gusset lets your nether regions breathe.

Knix Leakproof Thong

For times when you need a little extra moisture protection on your period at the gym, this Knix Leakproof thong has got you covered. In fact, these undies are a complete sponge. They can absorb one teaspoon of sweat, blood or urine and keep all odors to a minimum. But the best part is the multi-fabric gusset. While some undies have only cotton in this area, this thong also has moisture-wicking polyester to help draw away excess moisture.

Knickey Low-Rise Thong — $17.00

If you normally prefer a brief or a hipster style, this Knickey Low-Thong is kind of a soft introduction to a thong. The best part is the material, which is all ab out breathability. It’s made with 95% organic cotton and has a T-shaped back for optimal comfort.

Everlane The Cotton Thong — $15.00

Not only is this thong super soft, but it features a double-layer of Supima cotton. While all cotton is pretty breathable, this fabric in particular has extra long fibers to help increased its durability. Plus, the tag-less design and smooth waistband help ensure a comfy fit.


Parade Sweat-Wicking Workout Thong
Parade Sweat-Wicking Workout Thong — $9.00

Sweat-wicking and sustainable (made from recycled yarns), these Parade thongs also have an organic cotton lining for comfort. The interlock seams mean you won’t have any panty lines through leggings.

Bombas Active No Show Thong
Bombas Active No Show Thong — $18.00

These thongs are made with a nylon/elastane blend that’s lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying, everything you need during a hard workout. There’s also a smooth SensElast technology inside the waist and legs to keep your underwear in place, no matter how much you move or jump around.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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