5 Bloat-Busting Tinctures You Can Buy on Amazon

Photo: Stocksy/Trinette Reed

There's no denying it: Bloating sucks. To make things worse, it can be hard to figure out what's causing your discomfort. If you've already tried changing your diet and even looking beyond food for other culprits, you might consider trying a tincture to help settle your stomach.

The liquid contents of these little bottles are super-concentrated extracts of the active ingredients in plants, and a few drops can address all different aspects of your health—including bloat. A bit of tincture under your tongue might even keep you from feeling like you need to unbutton your pants after your next meal.

Since there's nothing like a bad bloat to ruin an otherwise good day, try one of the concoctions below to keep your tummy happy and healthy.

Scroll down to see the tinctures that will help you handle your bloat.

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