How the Olsen Twins Helped Me Discover Blazers Are the Key to Living Your Best Life

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Every woman has those power pieces that supercharge her personal style. And we've found, by walking up to enough strangers on the street (and women in our own office), that if you gas her up, she'll share her best fashion advice with you.

Starting today, we're collecting these pearls of wisdom in a new series, Good Style. First up is our associate beauty editor Rachel Lapidos, who swears blazers are the key to living her best life. Keep reading to hear why and how they came to be her sartorial spirit animal. 

To me, blazers are kind of like a really good pair of jeans or a bold lip in that putting one on immediately makes me feel more confident.

I started wearing them in high school in Texas, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the Olsen Twins when they used to be on the cover of US Weekly all the time, rocking blazers in the coolest way possible. I got so lucky back then on my hunts while shopping at Goodwills and Salvation Army stores—even sometimes in the little boys' sections. Lately though, I’ve been going to Etsy for my vintage shopping. I found my red blazer there—I like them a little longer, structured, and oversized; it makes them more interesting.

rachel lapidos blazers
Photo: Well+Good Creative

At this point, I wear them literally everywhere, pretty much all year long. They look great with all different types of shirts: band T-shirts or just vintage T-shirts in general. Or a plain, classic white tee I think is a really good look. Sometimes, I mix blazers with vintage silk blouses that tie into bows. I also like the more corporate look with a button down shirt under it—it's always a good outfit to fall back on when I don't know what to wear.

I know a lot of girls dress up when they’re going out—like in dresses or skirts or "going out" tops—but for me, I’ll just throw on a blazer and jeans. The only upgrade I’m doing is changing my shoes to maybe a heeled boot or adding a bold lip and big hoop earrings. Either way, I’m still wearing my blazer because it’s what I feel the most comfortable in.

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