Take a Note From Smoothies, and Start Blending Your Orgasms—Stat

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We can all agree that orgasms are pretty great. I'd even venture to say they're more satisfaction-inducing than an ASMR video (if that's your thing) or reaching Inbox Zero. So when Stuart Nugent, brand manager at luxury sex-toy company LELO, told me about a supercharged orgasm that feels “like jumping into an Alpine lake under the stars on a warm, autumn night," I had questions. Namely, what, how, and where do I sign up for this 200-level "blended" orgasm, as the sexperts call it?

Let's get right to it: “There are many different kinds of orgasms a vulva owner can have: vaginal, G-Spot, P-spot, anal, A-spot, clitoral, cervical, nipple, etc.,” says Alicia Sinclair, sex educator and CEO of anal-sex-product company b-Vibe. “If you’re experiencing a blended orgasm, it means that you’re means you’re having simultaneous orgasms.” A blended orgasm can happen when two or more (!!!) happen at the same time. Apparently, we can have it all.

“If you’re experiencing a blended orgasm, it means that you’re means you’re having simultaneous orgasms.” —Alicia Sinclair, certified sex educator

Since it's not possible to experience anyone’s orgasm but your own, making a general statement about what a blended orgasm feels like is tough, says sex expert Andrea Barrica, CEO of education platform O.school. “Some people describe their blended orgasms as feeling more intense, deeper, or just as more because there are multiple points of stimulation.”

Basically, the blended O is the Daft Punk of pleasure: harder, better, faster, stronger. And because I’m a girl who goes after what she wants, I asked the pros how to make it happen between my own sheets.

Sexperts share 5 tips to blend your orgasms to levels of unparalleled pleasure.

1. Feel yourself—literally

“Combine some fancy finger work with either a toy or more fancy finger work,” Barrica suggest for landing in B-O-town, population: multiples. “You want to start by locating the parts on your own body that can induce orgasm through stimulation, because when you’ve got two or more erogenous zones—you can have a blended orgasm.” And because research has shown that more than half of women need clitoral stimulation to come, it’s important not to forget that classic erogenous zone.

Sinclair agrees that masturbation can help you learn which sensations are most pleasurable for you. “You might use the fingers of one hand to circle, rub up and down, tap, or even pinch your clitoris area,” she says. “And then you might use your other hand to find your G-spot, by making a come-hither motion about two inches inside.”

There are no wrong ways to go about it, and experimenting can certainly help: Try penetrating yourself with a dildo to see if you like feeling full; try solo butt play to learn if that does it for you; try tweaking your nips with your fingers or a clamp. Because, really, you never know until you try.

2. Find the G-spot

The G-spot is the cluster of nerves that’s inside the vagina around where the clitoris splits into two legs. It’s a slightly different, rougher texture than the rest of your vagina. And since Sinclair says it's easier to find when you’re aroused, make it pit-stop No. 2 on your blended-orgasm journey.

If you feel something similar to a walnut shell or a dime, try applying pressure, or moving your fingers in circles against it.

3. Buddy up

Believe it or not, “it’s usually trickier to have a blended orgasm with a partner, because it relies so heavily on listening to and understanding your body,” says Nugent. That said, it's certainly possible to achieve so long as communication, patience, and a willingness to experiment are all present, he says.

If you and your partner are having penetrative sex with a penis or a strap-on, Sinclair recommends doggy-style, or a vulva-on-top position, like cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, or straddle the saddle. “These positions make it easier to stimulate other parts of your body while you’re being penetrated.” Missionary, especially missionary where the bottom partner is laying on a sex pillow, is a good option for folks with who enjoy G-spot stimulation, adds sexual-wellness expert Megwyn White.

You might even consider adding a butt plug, a vibrating butt plug, or a finger or tongue to the rear to stimulate one of two sensitive ring of nerves: around the entry of your anus or a deeper spot inside your anus called the anterior fornix erogenous zone (also known as your A-spot), says Sinclair.

4. Pull out the toy chest

PSA: You shouldn’t be afraid to use toys (solo or with your partner), says Barrica, especially if you want your blended O to make its debut.

“If you have a really reliable, always-gets-me-off sex toy, then use that in combination with something new,” suggests Nugent. Options abound, but if you happen to be in the market for a new toy, models like the INA Wave and Rabbit Vibrator were specifically designed to help you experience a blended O. Just saying.

5. Relax

Pleasure> pressure. “Sexual pleasure can be just as much of a mental game as it is physical, so don’t stress yourself out trying to have a blended O,” says Sinclair. With that mind-set, blended orgasms are simply an addition to your already rich sex life.

And while Nugent says there's currently no data available to show for sure whether every female-identifying person can have blended orgasm, his educated guess skews promising. "I’d say that if you’re capable of having a conventional orgasm, you’re probably able to experience a blended one.”

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