7 Pretty Bras for Small Breasts—and No, None of Them Are Push-Ups

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Things people with small boobs are sick of hearing: You're so lucky, you can probably just go without a bra all the time. First of all, thanks for the reminder that your boobs are so full and dense that you simply must wear a breast cage to confine them. Second, yes, we are fully aware that having big boobs comes with its own set of issues. Third, all boobs are beautiful. Full stop.

To help address some of the common issues women with smaller chests face when doing something as intimate (get it? ba-dum-cha) as bra shopping, I consulted Michelle Lam, founder of True&Co, and Helena Stuart, founder of Only Hearts, for their tips. "The most common issue small-breasted women have when bra shopping is the pressure to push up," Stuart says. "Lots of brands think the best option for small breasts is to create volume, leaving women with few choices other than gaping cups or cups filled with foam padding." Hear ye, hear ye. How many of you have been down that road before while bra shopping? Instead, she recommends avoiding a full-overage bra (which can make your breasts seem smaller and overwhelm a small frame), and opt for one with stretch in the cups or a strappy bralette in a triangle shape.

"Lots of brands think the best option for small breasts is to create volume, leaving women with few choices other than gaping cups or cups filled with foam padding." —Helena Stuart, founder of Only Hearts

Another common issue is gaping, Lam says. This term refers not to a wound, but when the cup of your bra fits the base of the breast but has space at the top because the breast is flatter there. "This is particularly common for 32As and Bs, 36As and Bs, and 38Cs," Lam says. It's also perfectly normal, she says—the problem lies with common molded up bra designs, not your boobs. A general solution for this is to choose a style with a soft cup, Lam explains. She also recommends a triangle cup, as these "hug the top of the breast more closely."

With all this in mind, scroll down to see 7 bras for small breasts that meet Lam and Stuart's requirements.

bras for small breasts

Lula Lu Simi Lace Bra, $64

This brand designs bras solely for those with A, AA, and AAA cups. There are a variety of styles, but this underwire design, featuring delicate lace, is incredibly pretty and flattering. Oh, and comfortable (because uncomfortable bras should never exist).

bras for small breasts

Pepper All You Bra, $49

Pepper is another brand that specializes in bras for smaller breasts. Its All You Bra comes in three colors (black, ivory, and mint) and in sizes from 32A to 38B. The cups were designed to eliminate annoying gaping.

bras for small breasts

Anine Bing Lace Bra with Trim, $89

When I was first starting out as a beauty and fashion writer, I would describe a lot of things as swoon-worthy. I've retired that phrase from my repertoire for many years, but I will bring it back now to describe this bralette because the delicate lace is legit worthy of a swoon. And, hello, do you see the expert-approved triangle cups?

bras for small breasts

Richer Poorer Cut Out Bralette, $28 

If you like your lingerie minimal, pick up this cutout bralette. It has adjustable straps and is made out of a super-comfy modal/cotton/spandex blend. I'm partial to the plum color, but it also comes in gray, black, and tobacco.

bras for small breasts

True&Co. Bare Plunge Bra, $30 

Lam recommends this bra for smaller breasts because of the flattering triangle shape of the cups.

bras for small breasts

Only Hearts Stretch Lace Underwire Bra, $60 

This made-in-NYC bra has stretchy lace cups that don't cause gaping on smaller chests. Plus, it's really pretty and delicate.

bras for small breasts

Soma Enbliss Wireless Bra, $48

The perfect everyday bra doesn't exi—wait, yes it does. The soft cups contour to the shape of your bust, and the wireless design is smooth underneath clothing.

Hey, comfy and sexy aren't mutually exclusive. The proof is in these bras. Plus, pretty lingerie you can add to your closet for under $100.

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