The App for Celebs Reading Bedtime Stories Just Got a Ton of Funding—Because Dreams Do Come True

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The sleep-promoting app Calm isn't new, but it's getting more and more well-known by the day, thanks in large part to the advent of its "Sleep Stories" function late last year, wherein celebs like Matthew McConaughey lull subscribers to sleep with bedtime tales. In addition to offering these star-spoken lullabies, the app aims to help folks unwind and get more restful sleep through meditationmovement, and music—and it's about to get a whole lot dreamier: Venture capitalist firm Lightspeed just announced an investment of $27 million for a Series B extension round at a $1 billion valuation (this funding comes after the $88 million Series B round from other investors in February). So, fingers crossed this means we'll get a lot more Sleep Stories.

As Well+Good previously reported, the McConaughey-read tale, Wonder, is a 35-minute-long story in which a grandfather explains the magic of life and the cosmos to his granddaughter. Now, Calm subscribers ($60 per year), have additional options, like a 24-minute story from Stephen Fry and a 30-minute one from John McEnroe.

Which like, LOL okay, but to this point, Sleep Stories has been a huge hit. (There's currently upwards of 150 million listens from its 2 million paid subscribers.) So with this new funding, Calm could theoretically recruit several other stars to its roster, though the company has yet to confirm or deny anything for sure to us. If it happens though, team Well+Good is here for it. Below, check out our requests for the stars we'd love to lull us to sleep.

Dear powers that be, please include the following celebs in future Calm Sleep Stories:

"I pick Liam Hemsworth for, well, obvious reasons, and his deep, Australian voice. As for what bedtime story I'd like for him to read me…he could literally read the Outback menu for all I care. Whatever piece of literature passes through his beautiful lips will surely lead to sweet dreams." —Emily Laurence, senior writer

"If Noah Centineo read me Blueberries for Sal, I would likely not be able to fall asleep. But for once, I would be okay with getting zero shut-eye." —Kells McPhillips, news writer

"I would probably have Father John Misty read to me from Anaïs Nin but I don't know if we can print that, haha. Second choice would be Kristen Bell reading to me from trashy beach magazines with the Gossip Girl sign-off." —Erin Bunch, contributing writer

"I wish Charlie Hunnam would read me If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and then proceed to eat a cookie just so I could watch him eat a cookie." —Bojana Galic, Livestrong staff writer

"I'd want Tim Curry to read me some Stephen King, which is delightfully imaginary and creepy. Maybe an odd choice before bedtime, but his accent—which I'm absolutely obsessed with—can make anything sound pleasant." —Rachel Lapidos, beauty and fitness editor

"Honestly if Meryl Streep just read out some of her lines from The Devil Wears Prada I would be happy. I imagine her at the end of any story saying 'that’s all.'" —Celine Cortes, audience development manager

"Does singing count? Because Ed Sheeran. He can read me Goodnight Moon or sing me a lullaby…whatever he’s feelin'." —Amanda Gaines, audience development assistant

As for me, it's currently a toss up of Jeff Goldblum reading Madeline and Keanu Reeves reading The Story of Ferdinand; even just typing that out makes me wonder, Why choose?

In any case, the struggle for slumber is a real problem, so we're all anxiously awaiting how Calm is going to help us solve for that with its expanded funding. And of course, we're very much looking forward to see which stars we'll get to sleep with in the future.

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