The Chillest Cannabis-Inspired (and Spiked) Beauty Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

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It’s the most wonderful time of year, when everyone's supposed to be merry and bright. Fat chance. Buying presents, visiting relatives, elaborate meals, going to what feels like a million parties—how’s anyone supposed to relax and actually enjoy it? What you really need are some relaxing products to bring you that comfort and joy you've been promised by carols and cell phone commercials, even if said feelings come by less than mainstream means—like from cannabis, for instance.

No, I'm not talking about getting high, but rather taking a note from the chill plant and simplifying your holiday shopping with beauty buys inspired by the buzzy herb.

The reason for the recent surge in all things cannabis, speculates Matthew Malin, co-founder of the beauty brand Malin + Goetz—which just launched a cannabis-inspired scent collection—is due in part to the changing conversation around all things marijuana. “Legalization has brought national attention,” he says. Andrew Goetz, his partner in crime, adds, “With the increasing access to marijuana through dispensaries, it makes sense that cannabis would find its way into the beauty world.”

“With the increasing access to marijuana through dispensaries, it makes sense that cannabis would find its way into the beauty world.”

However, when it comes to giving the gift of green, there are of course some legal issues. “Cannabis is only legal for recreational use in eight states presently,” explains Jordan Tishler, MD, a leading expert in the field of medical cannabis therapeutics who has his own practice in Massachusetts called InhaleMD.

So here's the disclaimer: In this guide, you'll find products containing cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD) as well as ones inspired-by the herb it comes from. Depending on your locale, you should choose your gift wisely because mailing or crossing state lines with a psychotropic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) product (or a CBD product with greater than .03 percent THC content for that matter) is still a no-no under the law.

From scents to topicals to a DIY oil machine, there's gifts aplenty for you to snatch up if you’ve got someone on your list who could use a kush-ier holiday.

Keep scrolling for the CBD products to gift this holiday season.

CBD gift guide
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Boy Smells Kush Scented Candle, $28

One of the easiest cannabis gifts to give is scent. As a fragrance—both personal and for the home—cannabis evokes a spectrum of feelings from nostalgic to comforting to illicit. “Since pot is usually associated with youth and rebellion, I think these fragrances and candles appeal to the non-conformist in us,” explains Steve Gontarski, manager of perfume destination Scent Bar in Los Angeles. This kushy candle is one of fan-favorites at Scent Bar. While it’s inspired by the plant, Gontarski says it’s a very subtle olfactory reference. “To my nose, Kush comes across as clean and slightly floral.” (So you can light up in your childhood bedroom without setting off your parents' alarm bells.)

CBD gift guide
Photo: Khus Khus

Khus + Khus The Face Serums, $35

This luxe line of organic herbal face potions would make anyone feel special. The intro set features a selection of botanical serums, each with its own claim to fame. The latest addition to the brand’s lineup, the Sen serum, uses certified organic CBD extract plus rhododendron, French lavender, ruh khus (AKA wild vetiver), and frankincense to fight skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis as well as tackle dry skin, fine lines, and pigmentation issues. Why give a cashmere sweater when you can give the gift of cashmere-soft skin?

CBD gift guide
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Lord Jones Pure CBD Pain & Wellness Formula Lotion, $50

If you’ve got an athlete on your list, be it a marathon runner or a yoga guru, this CBD-infused lotion is going to blow their mind. The muscle-minded formula is delivered via a silky, easily absorbed lotion that smells of sage, mint, and green citrus. Some research has linked topically applied CBD to anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving results, but if nothing else, it hydrates like a boss and smells nice, so there’s that.

Photo: Malin+Goetz

Malin + Goetz Cannabis Candle, $55

When looking to create their Cannabis scent, Malin and Goetz were on the hunt for something that contrasted their existing fragrance portfolio. “The original idea was to construct a rich, full, green-pepper-like spice,” says Malin. “When we started to dissect the newly created fragrance, I described it as green, spicy, rich, and almost chocolate-like, smoky and warm. Laughing, Andrew said, ‘Sounds like weed!’ And, I said, ‘That's it: Weed!’” While none of the products in this line actually contain cannabis, the rich scent evokes the feeling of lighting up.

CBD gift guide
Photo: De La Beauh

De La Beuh CBD Swirl Grapefruit Bath Bomb, $15

On their own, bath bombs are a great gift: They’re colorful, they make your skin feel soft, and they lift your spirits on even the grayest of days. Add a little CBD extract, and things will really get interesting. This swirled treat is made up of coconut oil to soften skin, grapefruit essential oils to energize your senses, and a hint of CBD to supercharge the muscle-loosening and stiffness-relieving powers of a hot bath.

CBD gift guide
Photo: Foria

Foria Pleasure, $38

If you want to get really personal with your gift, may I suggest this THC-laced “pleasure oil?” Yes, this is a topical pot oil for your vagina—it claims to enhance arousal and create more intense orgasms. The brand advises spraying it on the clitoris, inner and outer labia, and inside the vagina. Give it 15 minutes to absorb and work its magic and then enjoy wherever it may take you.

If you’re not in California, the brand also offers a CBD-only version that can heighten sensation, aid in natural lubrication, increase circulation, and reduce tension to help you relax and get in the mood. That’s the kind of stocking stuffer a special someone would be positively delighted to unwrap.

CBD gift guide
Photo: Levo

Levo Oil Infuser, $200

For the DIY-minded, the Levo takes your dried and decarbed cannabis and infuses it into your carrier oil of choice (coconut, olive, butter, shea butter etc.). Once infused, you simply take the mixture and pour it into the container of your choice and slather on via CBD lotions and creams 'til your heart's content.

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