Forget Barns and Burlap—the Latest Wedding Trend Is…Weed?

Photo: Forever Incredible/Carla Stehman
If you're feeling like mason jars and candy bars may be a tad over-done, consider the latest trend to hit the wedding industry: cannabis.

According to Bloomberg, marijuana-inclusive wedding celebrations—complete with "bud bouquets" and cannabis open bars—are really happening. There's even an entire Cannabis Wedding Expo where soon-to-be-wed couples can meet with "canna-business" vendors offering up hemp silk wedding dresses, weed-infused wedding cakes, cocktails, and floral arrangements, or marijuana-themed party favors.

"A lot of people feel like alcohol can take away from events because people can overconsume. With cannabis, you really don't have that threat."

Is this totally shocking? Not entirely. As cannabis continues to dominate the wellness world—from women's retreats and cups of coffee to weed-themed TV shows—it actually makes perfect sense that the massive wedding industry would be the next practical (and profitable) move. Though from the hosting side, a weed wedding may be more affordable than one with a traditional open bar. "It's actually cheaper than liquor," Adrian Sedlin, chief executive officer of California cannabis flower grower Canndescent, tells Bloomberg. Plus, he says, "There's a lot more buzz for the buck in cannabis than in alcohol." (And a quick toke may help ease your nerves before you head down the aisle.)

Of course, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, marijuana isn't legal everywhere. So if you're not in, say, California or Colorado, it's probably best to not opt for a "best bud" theme. Second, you'll have to be really clear with your guests about where weed is—or isn't—included. (So make sure someone's got an eye on grandma should she make a few too many trips to see the budtender.) But Philip Wolf, CEO of the Cannabis Wedding Expo, says he finds cannabis is better than booze at weddings. "A lot of people feel like alcohol can take away from events because people can overconsume," he tells Bloomberg. "With cannabis, you really don't have that threat."

Just keep the flower girl away from the cannabis cake.

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