Charlotte Tilbury Pinkgasm Beauty Light Wand Is Finally Back in Stock After Weeks of Being Sold Out

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50,000 people have patiently waited for this day to come, and it's finally here: After multiple sellouts, Charlotte Tilbury Pinkgasm Beauty Light Wand ($38) is finally back in stock.

The highlighter/blush hybrid has become so popular, a tube of the stuff sells every eight seconds—and after recently having the chance to test it out for myself, I can understand why it's become such a hot ticket item. It's the perfect blend of rosy pink and subtle shimmer (I'd call it a "rose gold") and leaves a radiant, sun-kissed finish on any complexion. It's just pigmented enough so that you can ensure you're getting a solid swathe of color, but goes on sheer to ensure that it looks completely natural layered on top of your skin. The formula is made with the brand's "glow gel" that looks glossy and luminous, but is somehow never sticky—and though it dries quickly, it looks dewy all day long.

Perhaps my favorite part of the wand, though, is its ease of application. It looks like a tube of lipgloss and comes equipped with a soft-cushion pad, which makes it super simple to apply product exactly where you want it, and blend easily. In other words, you'll never have to dip your fingers into a sticky pot of cream blush again. Because it's equal parts color and shimmer, it stands in the place of both blush and highlighter, cutting those parts of your routine down to a single step.

Though this stuff has been tough to track down over the last few months, those who have been able to get their hands on it have fallen head over heels for it. "I love the way it looks on my skin—every time I wear this highlight people always asking me what I’m wearing," writes one reviewer. "Suchhh a good product! absolute fav if you want a natural, dewy glowy look," says another.

Do yourself a favor and smash "Buy Now" on this stuff ASAP—you won't want to miss it before it's inevitably out of stock once again.

For more tried-and-tested cream blushes we love, check out the video below. 

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