The One Trait to Look for in a Romantic Partner, According to Chrissy Teigen

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Any partner that lets you sleep with a Snoogle—AKA a body pillow—is one worth keeping. Of course, it's not surprising that John Legend is "out cold" while wife Chrissy Teigen snuggles with that "long, unsexy tube of pillow" while Curb Your Enthusiasm plays on loop—they are relationship #goals, after all.

But the model and funny-girl-on-Twitter extraordinaire Teigen has some poignant advice for keeping the romance alive. Namely: Find your partner in crime.

"I think it's really important to be complete partners in crime," she told me in New York yesterday. "I love the mentality of 'us against the world.' Even when you have kids, never forget your relationship as partners and lovers—that's so important."

"I love the mentality of 'us against the world.'"

The star—who has a one-year-old named Luna and another baby on the way—says sometimes it can be tough when your little one is acting up. "Even when we have Luna going insane, it's important to be able to look at each other and be like, 'We created this thing and we're going to solve it together,'" says Teigen, who's repping Pampers Pure (and swears by it for her kid).

She goes on to add that sometimes, as a partner, you'll need to suck up whatever negativity you're feeling in order to make them feel better. "Sometimes you don't want to say [what you need to]," says Teigen. "But it's important for them. Sometimes I don't want to make John feel good and I'm sure he has the same with me but it's my keen advice to do it anyway." Wise words.

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