We Know the Most Underrated Fitness Buy of the Cold Season

Photo: Lululemon
Basic? Yes. Boring? Not a chance. For those of you who refuse to park it on the couch from September through March under a big fluffy blanket, you know how important it is to stock up on all the things for warmth on the go. And yet, the cold weather vest is one of the most underrated pieces of fitness gear around, IMO.

To say a cold weather vest (sorry, not the sweater variety, Chandler Bing) is versatile is putting it lightly. It can be worn in place of a jacket on chilly days, thrown on with leggings and a long-sleeve shirt for a run, paired with plaid to get that Insta-worthy apple picking shot, or put on after a fleece and Merrell boots for a tough-ass hike. It's as essential to fall as pumpkin spice, except that we're not so over them yet.

The vest shouldn't be pigeonholed either: Beyond being just sporty and outdoorsy, the cold weather vest can give you some major warmth when layered under a wool coat so that you arrive to a holiday party or dinner date looking toasty and put together (which let's be honest is a far cry from the vibes the maxi puffer gives off). And so, shall we sign off with a bunch of our favorite options for the season that are equal parts warmth and function.

Photo: Lululemon

Lululemon Down For It All Vest, $148

The deep side pockets make this the perfect addition to your outdoor run routine. It can hold more than just your keys and a credit card. Shove your fingerless gloves and headband in there when things get sweaty.


Photo: Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Ignitelite Hybrid Vest, $60

Breathable, moisture wicking, and lightweight, this vest also has odor control so you have permission to skip a few washes. Available in sizes XS to XXL

Uniqlo Vest
Photo: Uniqlo

Uniqlo Ultra-Light Down Compact Vest, $39

No collar, no problem: The lack of a neck gives it a more sophisticated look. Plus, it lies flat and looks beyond chic with a turtleneck. Available in sizes XXS to XXL

Photo: Patagronia

Patagonia Ivy Hooded Vest, $179

A retro feel with a water-repellent finish, flip up the hood and stay dry. The down stuffing, a mix of duck and goose, is 100 percent recycled (the nylon canvas outside is made from 51% recycled material) so you can feel good about your purchase while keeping cozy. Available in sizes XS to XL

Photo: Athleta

Athleta Tiago Vest, $118

The cropped cut certainly sets this one apart. But don't let the length fool you, the Primaloft insulation will still keep your torso heated, making it an excellent middle layer that you'll want to show off all day with a sweater and jeans or skirt with tights. Available in sizes XXS to XL

Photo: Aether

Aether Apparel Chelsea Vest, $295

A thicker, pillow-like style that works best over sweaters. The wool outside gives it a more refined feel. A fashion-meets-function moment, for sure. Available in sizes XS to XL

Photo: Tory Sport

Tory Sport Sherpa Fleece Vest, $178

The chameleon of vests, this upgraded classic navy vest can lend itself to any surrounding: work, woods, or workout.  Available in sizes XXS to XL


Photo: New Balance

New Balance Heat Down 600D Vest, $174.99

Buy it to can keep your bum and thighs from getting frost bite. Wear because it's an ultra-sleek silhouette.  Available in sizes XS to XL


Photo: 32 Degrees

32 Degrees Ultra-Light Down Packable Vest, $23

A super soft shell on the outside will have you wanting to slip this on daily. Ribbed side panels and a particularly pretty color selection sets this affordable option apart.  Available in sizes XS to XXL


Photo: The North Face

The North Face Campshire Vest, $99

Sherpa fleece equals so soft, so fluffy. The pattern gives that outdoorsy look in a subtle way that will easily go with the majority of your wardrobe. Available in sizes XS to XXL

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