This Game-Changing Pillow Is a Big Spoon’s Dream Come True

Photo: Getty Images/fizkes
While being the little spoon is consistently all kinds of cozy, for the big spoons of the world that's not always the case. Sure, one arm is comfortably wrapped around your cuddle buddy, but the other never fails to get in the way and fall asleep before you do. A quick Google search proves that the best place for a big spoon's lower arm is the subject of a contentious debate. And that's exactly why two geniuses came up with an invention called the Coodle pillow to put the issue to bed.

If you haven't heard of the Coodle, it's about to become your new best friend. The comfy pillow features a patented brace design system that lets the big spoon slide their arm right through the bottom as their partner's head rests on top, preventing that pins-and-needles feeling. You can use it all by yourself, too, whether you're sleeping on your side or watching TV. Basically, it solves one of the biggest #FirstWorldProblems for the cool price of $65.

Alright, the Coodle might be a little pricier than your average pillow. But considering you'll get to schedule in more cuddling time and prevent arm numbness because of it, it might just be worth the extra money. And nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like the promise of comfortable cuddles.

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