The Slip-On Shoe Brand Nurses and Chefs Swear By for All-Day Walking Comfort Is Having a Rare Sale—But Hurry, It Doesn’t Last Long

Photo: Crocs
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Say what you will about Crocs—they're comfortable as hell. The controversial foam clogs known for their polarizing designs and and borderline ugly (we're not mincing words here, sorry!) styles are a dream for feet. Just ask the teachers, nurses, bartenders, doctors, and countless other professionals who count on them for standing on their feet all day: Who cares what they look like? Crocs rock.

Whether you're already a Crocs devotee or need more convincing, now's the time to snag some of these ugly shoes at pretty prices; Crocs is throwing a mega site-wide sale with 25 percent off everything, from the classic clogs that put them on the map, to its newer, less in-your-face slides, sandals, sneakers, and more. Even the Jibbitz—the cute lil' charms you can hook onto your Crocs—are on sale, too, so you can personalize them to your heart's desire.

But to reiterate, it's really the comfort component of these polarizing kicks that make shopping the Crocs sale a no-brainer. They're lightweight and weigh mere ounces, meaning they'll never weigh you down or feel clunky. Podiatrists love 'em for their arch support, too, and their spacious toe-boxes that give your feet room to spread and sprawl. (A blessing if you have bunions or hammertoes.) And the flexible heel-straps is a game-changer for helping your feet do less work, as it keeps the shoe in place and prevents it from sliding out.

Convinced yet? Give 'em a chance while they're on sale for 25 percent off now through June 26.

Classic Clogs — $38.00

Originally $50, now $38

Available sizes: women’s 6-12

The iconic “ugly” clog that changed the game forever is currently 25 percent off, marked down to $38 from $50. Controversy aside, these lightweight shoes are comfortable; the ventilation at the sides makes them breathable and buoyant, while the EVA foam is waterproof, quick-drying, and cloud-like on feet. Slip them on with the strap forward or put them in “sport mode” (with the strap back) for added support.

Colors: 25

Echo Clog — $53.00

Originally $70, now $53

Available sizes: women’s 6-12

Sporty and sleek, the Echo Clogs are perfect for summer adventures. They’re more streamlined than the original clogs and fit closer to feet, giving them a more athletic feel all around. The insole is also more cushion-y, so when you’re logging miles on the trail or street, your feet will stay happy after every stride. Bonus: The heel strap is padded, too.

Colors: 12

Mellow Recovery Flip — $38.00

Originally $50, now $38

Available sizes: women’s 6-12

Crocs doesn’t just make clogs—it’s got plenty of podiatrist-approved sandals, slides, and shoes to choose from, too. Like the Mellow Recovery Flip, which is made from the softest, most shock-absorbing foam you’ll ever slip your feet into. Put them on and see how cloud-like they really are as they sink into that plush footbed and deep heel-cup. You’ll never want to take them off.

Colors: 4

Mellow Recovery Slide — $38.00

Originally $50, now $38

Available sizes: women’s 6-12

Or, maybe you prefer your feet to recover in a slide. If that’s the case, slip these on your feet. They’re made from the same, marshmallow-y material at the Mellow Recovery Flips, only there’s no thong, so your toes can rest easy, while your joints and muscles do too.

Colors: 10

Brooklyn Strappy Low Wedge Platform Sandals — $45.00

Originally $60, now $45

Available sizes: 4-11

Want something a bit more fashionable that screams less “Croc”? These strappy platform sandals go, and feel great, with just about any outfit. Our editorial assistant Amelia McBride dubbed them a “must” for spring wardrobes, and surely, that superlative can carry over into summer. Style aside, they’re definitely some of the most supportive shoes on this list, thanks to the straps across the ankle and toes. Get ’em while they’re 25 percent off.

Colors: 2

Classic Crocs Slide — $24.00

Originally $30, now $24

Available sizes: women’s 6-12

If you love the look and feel of the Classic Crocs Clog but prefer a sandal, they also come in slide-form. Like the OG clogs, they’re lightweight, waterproof, and have plenty of room for Jibbitz charms, so you can dress them up and down however you like. Most importantly, they’re infused with the brand’s signature Crosslite foam that’ll give you lasting comfort for hours.

Colors: 6


Crush Slide — $38.00

Originally $50, now $38

Available sizes: women’s 6-12

Take your Crocs slides and give ’em a ’90s flare—that’s these platform slides. They feature everything you want in a comfy slide, including a flexible upper and comfortable, foot-cradling insole. Only these are elevated—literally—with a plush outsole that’ll take your look to new heights.

Colors: 3

Baya Platform Clogs — $45.00

Originally $60, now $45

Available sizes: women’s 4-11

The clogs come in a platform style, too: the chunky Baya Platforms. The outsole isn’t the only thing elevated; the Bayas also feature advanced toe-box ventilation that sloughs away water and moisture (aa, they dry super fast), plus a pivoting strap for a more stable fit.

Colors: 2

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