The One Crystal You Should Always Travel With to Relieve Stress and Banish Bad Vibes

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I’m what you might call a “crystals novice.” Over the past year, though, I’ve become more interested in all things spiritual and woo woo and will admit that there’s something that makes me feel like I’m surrounded by magic when I’m carrying around my quartz and amethyst.

And as I began booking flights for the month ahead, I started to wonder if there were any healing gems that could reassure me that chaotic holiday travels will run smoother and be more balanced. I can't protect myself from delays, but I can pack something to help guard me from airplane anxieties—kind of like the way I take an oil of oregano pill before flying *just in case* I get sick! So, I turned to crystal experts Rashia Bell and Elizabeth Kohn of The Cristalline, a New York City based interior design firm that specializes in high-vibe home decor, and asked them about how to harness the power of such stones when you’re on the go.

“Traveling with crystals is a wonderful way for you to maintain your self-care practice while on the road—whether in a car, in the airport, or simply to make sure your buttons don’t get pushed by relatives,” says Bell. “Protecting your energetic field is of extreme importance, and crystals are a great tool in helping to balance your mood, maintain energy levels, and allow the body to maintain its internal harmony.”

There are a handful of energetically charged minerals that are especially helpful in this pursuit—and one in particular you should always pack in your carry on, according to Bell and Kohn. So, which ones made the cut? What will help soothe you in the midst of those unavoidable travel hiccups? Scroll down to the see the best crystals for travel that Bell and Kohn suggest you bring with you on your next trip.

6 best crystals for travel

1. Amethyst

This is one of the best crystals for travel, according to Bell. She says, “Amethyst is good for protection, purification, and the good luck that you need to avoid travel delays.” Plus, she says it can help counteract the sleeplessness that comes from jet lag.

2. Hematite

“Hematite is a grounding crystal,” Bell explains. “It can also help create an energetic shield around you, alleviating worry, so that you don’t let the comments of family affect you.” Maybe pick up two if you're with your worrywort mother-in-law.

3. Celestite

“The calming color of celestite is only part of its effect. This sky blue stone helps to balance and soothe one’s energy, while making you feel calm and safe,” says Bell. Consider it a healthier alternative to downing an $15 cocktail at 11 am to "help with nerves."

4. Smoky quartz

“This stone is great at helping you transmute negative energy. The stone absorbs [it] so that you don’t carry it around with you,” Kohn explains. Perfect when people start revolting while waiting in line!

5. Selenite

“Selenite aids in clearing energy due to stressful travel, so that you don’t take on the energy and feelings of others,” says Kohn. So if you're usually pretty calm during a flight delay but your partner starts whining, this is good to have on hand.

6. Pyrite

“Pyrite helps protect from physical and environmental negative energy,” says Bell. Happy travels!

Originally published on November 29, 2017. Updated on August 13, 2019 with additional reporting by Mary Grace Garis.


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