15 Reusable Bags You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Tote Around

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Whether it's for stashing your sweaty gym clothes, carrying groceries, or schlepping home the countless items that seem to accumulate on your desk every week, having a trusty, cute reusable bag is basically a requirement for healthy adulting. And if that bag happens to be eco-friendly? Well, that's even better.

"In essence, choosing any reusable bag over a plastic or paper one is a win," says Megan Heacock, a marketing associate at Feed Projects, which donates half the proceeds from its reusable bag sales to supply meals for children. "But, in order to maximize your impact, invest in a durable one made of high-quality materials that ensure you can tote home heavy goods without worrying too much about wear and tear on your bag."

The most sustainable options are ones made from 100 percent cotton, natural fibers, or straw. Other than that, "the ideal bag is one which can be reused day after day for years to come, while still looking good, to ensure you'll use (and reuse) it a lot more often," says Shea Parton, CEO and brand director of Apolis. Enough said.

Scroll down for 15 cute reusable bags that will turn your errands into your favorite part of the day.


APOLIS X CLARE V. MARKET BAG, cute reusable bag
Photo: Apolis

This bag is made of jute fiber, "an oxygen-producing crop which is sustainably harvested by farmers in Bangladesh," explains Apolis CEO Shea Parton. Not only is this fiber durable and environmentally friendly, but it's also 100 percent waterproof, can hold up to 135 pounds, and is chic AF.


Feed Market Tote
Photo: Feed Projects

The best part of this simple tote is that the sale of one provides 50 (that's right, FIFTY) meals to schools around the world. That means while you're lugging around your work lunch, you're also doing a lot of good.

3. Bembien Maya Bag, $220

Bembien Maya Bag, cute reusable bag
Photo: Bembien

This rattan bag is from Bembien, an NYC-based collection of woven bags crafted from natural materials by artisans around the world. Bonus: 10 percent of your purchase goes to Nest, a nonprofit supporting female handworker communities around the world.


Claudia Pearson City Tote Bags
Photo: Claudia Pearson

Designed in Brooklyn and made in Michigan from 100 percent cotton canvas, these bags are perfect for city dwellers. From Austin and Chicago to Seattle and Boston, these hand-printed totes can artfully rep your hometown, while carrying everything you need.

5. The Little Market Navy Shopping Tote, $24

The Little Market Navy Shopping Tote, cute reusable bag
Photo: The Little Market

Started by Lauren Conrad, The Little Market is heaven for those who are looking to support local artisans around the world, and this particular bag supports women at the Haiti Design Co. with each purchase.


Cowrie Bolga Tote, cute reusable bag
Photo: Indego Africa

Handwoven in Ghana, this adorable carryall is handwoven from elephant grass, finished with white faux leather handles, and adorned with cowrie shells, which the brand says are symbolic of destiny, prosperity, and strength.

7. Baggu Ochre Zebra, $12

Baggu Ochre Zebra
Photo: Baggu

This adorable nylon carryall is the grocery bag of your dreams. Not only can it hold two to three plastic grocery bags worth of stuff—up to 50 pounds—but it's machine washable. Meaning any leaks and spills will disappear before you know it.

8. Madewell grl & co. House Plant Reusable Canvas Tote, $22

Madewell grl & co. House Plants Reusable Tote, cute reusable bag
Photo: grl & co.

This reusable cotton tote was made by grl & co., an NYC-based design design collective. Fun fact: the brand is named after grl &co. founder Marissa Baca's three cats Gatsby, Rae, and Lola.


EcoBags Mini Strings Bag

Although it may not look like much when empty, this mini string bag stretches to fit whatever you need it to hold. The fact that it's a fair wage product made from organic, natural cotton are all added bonuses.

10. The Little Market Striped Tote, $128

The Little Market Stripped Tote, cute reusable bag
Photo: The Little Market

The Little Market strikes again. This time with this too-cute raffia bag, which empowers female artisans at Razafindrabe Collections in Madagascar with each purchase.

11. Canvas AVe Destroy the Patriarchy, $19

Canvas Ave Destroy the Patriarchy Tote
Photo: CanvasAve

Why say it when you can display it?


Patagonia Market Tote, cute reusable bag
Photo: Patagonia

Made from organic cotton, this oversized bag will allow you to tote everything you need. An inner pocket keeps your phone and keys from getting lost at the bottom.


Alo Shopper Tote
Photo: Alo

This heavy-duty cotton canvas toe is massive, making it perfect for a weekend shopping trip.

14. Baggu Giant Pocket Tote, $62

Baggu Giant Pocket Tote, cute reusable bag
Photo: Baggu

If you're a fan of pockets, this is the bag for you. Seriously—it's got four. Two gigantic exterior pockets, and two smaller interior pockets. There are also two handles, one for in-hand carrying and another over-shoulder toting.

15. COS Straw Woven Bag, $99

Photo: COS

This roomy tote is made form 100 percent paper straw, with a 100 percent cotton lining. There's also a zipped inner pocket to keep your essentials tucked away with easy access.

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